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Ecommerce Website Design & Development

Online Shop? No license or software fees required!

Just one effective version to suit all your eCommerce needs!

We customize our powerful product to your specific requirements, creating an e-commerce platform that supports all aspects of your business. We don't have different versions depending on the size and budget of your company - we have just one 'license free' eCommerce web design solution that really puts the competition to shame. Best of all, you will never need technical staff to run your web site.

'Navega Bem' can provide you with an eCommerce CMS web site that is completely managed through only one back office - even multilingual sites.

So what are the advantages of our eCommerce solutions for you?

Product Catalogue - You can easily add, edit, delete items you wish to sell. Your online catalogue is supported by a powerful database that can display images, statistics, availability and all be categorised in any way you wish. Your customers can search for products by reference numbers, names, prices, manufacturer or even date of insertion.

Promotions and News Items - You can show all your latest products and special offers in a great variety of ways, ensuring that your clients can take full advantage of your online shop.

Shopping Cart Simplicity - With our innovative 'shopping cart' system, as your customers browse your online-store they can add the products they wish to purchase to their own shopping cart. At any time they can view and change the contents of the shopping cart and then either continue shopping or 'check out' and pay for their goods online.

Safe and easy online payment - Our sites are capable of live credit card processing with safe SSL encryption (128-bit) and supports a large amount of Payment Providers including PayPal and others. We'll help you set up your account quickly and efficiently.

B2B and B2C in one eCommerce shop - If you want to do business with other resellers as well as end consumers, we'll setup your online shop to do just that! You can even have individual access areas for different client groups.

Business Focus - Our software puts the manager in control of your Web business, eliminating the need for technical staff to run a powerful e-commerce system - all through an intuitive Web interface that you can access from any browser, anywhere in the world.

One Back Office in your language - Your 'online-shop' is integrated into a 'Content Management System' that allows you to control all aspects of your web site (not just the shop part) and there is just one easy to use 'back-office' to manage it all - even multilingual web sites.