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Drone Services & Aerial Photography (only) in Madeira

DJI Mavic Mini 4 Pro

DJI Mavic Mini 4 Pro

4K/60fps HDR True Vertical Shooting - 48MB Aerial Shots


For more dynamic and acrobatic flights if required.
Our drones capture video in stunning 4K Ultra HD that rivals high-end DSLR video.
We use aerial drones to capture video and imagery for corporate video, real estate, tourism, events and much more.
Real Estate Drone Services

Real Estate

Make your property listings stand out with the help of real estate drone videos!
With aerial photography and videos you add a new dimension to the real estate properties you are marketing.

Real Estate Agencies can show off their properties with an impressive visual experience. Your portfolio instantly comes to life with stunning footage from all angles, above and beyond!

Aerial photography and video is definitely the most innovative way to attract clients and showcase your properties.

Aerial Photography

All Types of Events

With HD photography and videos we present extraordinary angles for your most important events and gatherings with non-invasive drone filming.

Using state of the art drone technology, we can also broadcast a "live" video feed on Facebook or YouTube.

Our aerial photography & videography projects are completed using state of the art drone technology which incorporates numerous safety features and delivers amazingly beautiful 4K high-definition quality.
Drone Videos


At 'Navega Bem' we can produce all kinds of corporate videos with our drone services.
An aerial video is certainly one of the best ways to add dramatic depth and energy to almost any project, communicate your message and tell others about your unique product, your exclusive services, and your brand values.
What’s more, you can have this advantage at an affordable price, because 'Navega Bem' has invested in the latest efficient and effective aerial filming technology.

We also provide full post production services.
*Our drone Pilots and Quadcopters are fully insured and registered with the Portuguese National Aeronautical Authorities (AAN).
Please note that we are obliged to request permission to fly in advance and some areas of Madeira are restricted and may be declined.
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