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Restaurant QR Code

Digital Restaurant Menu - Safe & Clean Menu Option

The appetizing menu presentation

Using a QR Code on your tables, exterior signage, promotions and on your website - you can present your menu in an appetizing and safe format.

Your clients may not feel comfortable handling typical menus that are often difficult to clean and have been in many different hands.

QR Codes can be read by any mobile device and allow your clients to view your menu on their own device. And it is always available allowing them to plan their meal in your establishment long before they arrive.

Simple and fast updating

Keeping your menu up to date and adding special offers is simple and fast.
The menu can be exported automatically from your website, so you only need to manage the menu once.

The QR code always remains the same and you can print it, create stickers and even publish on your website.

The code can be customised to match your company colours and include your logo or any other graphic of your choice.
Unitag QR Code
Contact us to learn more about this clean & safe option that is excellent value for money and will keep your clients and your bank account happy :)
Mobile device with menu
Restaurant table