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Vanessa and Bertha

Meet Vanessa and Bertha...

Does your website look like Vanessa or more like Bertha?

Vanessa is vibrant, attractive, young and fresh. She changes her appearance as often as possible and makes sure she always looks her best. Everyone likes visiting Vanessa.

And then there is Bertha. Bertha is starting to look old and worn out. Bertha is still wearing the same clothes she had on last month and the month before that and even the month before that. Very few people visit Bertha, but you'll still find her a lot on the world wide web. If you want a Bertha website, you won't have any problem finding someone to throw one together for you.

Our device independent CMS websites are just like Vanessa

With a responsive CMS website from 'Navega Bem - Web Design' you can keep your company website just as fresh, attractive and inviting as Vanessa. The search engines will just love you for it... and your clients too!

The award winning CMS software we use allows you to update your site as often as you wish and you can do it all on your own from anywhere in the world without any technical knowledge or programming experience. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser.

With our highly competitive and very reasonably priced CMS webdesign solution you can prevent your website from ever beginning to look like Bertha. Best of all - our websites adapt to display on any device. Which website do you think your potential customers will love to visit, Vanessa or Bertha?