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How to manage your business when the economy is turned off

Don't sit and wait for things to turn around... do something!

It's no fun at all doing business when the economy hits a low, or completely shuts down as is the case now. For many companies, the loss of profits and the stress can lead to irrational and impulsive, rather than strategic, decision making. But for many companies this can be a positive turning point.

If you are committed to quality and really intend to keep improving, then consider using this slump in the economy as an opportunity to scrutinize your business. 

Be tactical in making difficult decisions about cutting costs, improving strategy and systems, or even communicating with your clients, customers, re-sellers, or employees. Great company directors and managers will use every opportunity to become even better.

Your website is the big front door to your business

What kind of importance do you place on a website for your business? Your customers and prospective customers will get a very distinct impression about your business from your online presence. So what do you think your website is telling people about your company?

Your customers are going online more and more, and they expect you to be there. If you’re not, you can be sure that your competitors are. I often get the impression that a Website is not at the top of a company's priority list. Why is that? I know the answer is that many company owners are unaware of the enormous potential in increased business!

The many companies that do have a well-designed, professional web presence are industry leaders. Their website’s look great because they’ve employed professionals to develop and market the 'first thing' most of their clients will ever see about them.

Remember that you are in business to build, sell equipment, provide services etc.., not to do Web Design. Save yourself a lot of time and headaches and leave it to the experts. Leave it to 'Navega Bem'.

So what can 'Navega Bem' do for you and your business?

Consider a CMS website that allows you and your staff to update the site yourselves. The site will be 'responsive' and adapt to display on any device. You need no experience with programming or HTML and you can update your site from anywhere in the world. All you require is a web browser and an internet connection.

Consider selling your products or services online. Studies have shown that you can expect an increase in business of up to 250% by accepting credit card payments on your web site.

Consider just having a new web presence. A web site that is developed by professionals and a site that takes full advantage of today's technology and advances. A site that shows your clients how much you care about your business.

To learn how we can help you turn your business around please fill in our 'Proposal Request Form' and we'll get back to you with all the information you require.