• Professional Unique or Commercial Template Websites

We offer two very distinct types of website:

  • Professionally crafted custom developed websites for corporate clients.
  • Commercial template websites for clients that need a fast and inexpensive web presence.

So which solution will suit your requirements best?

Well it’s like going to a restaurant for a meal. You can choose go to McDonald’s and get a pretty average hamburger with a lot of pre-processed ingredients and filling. Or you can go to a fine restaurant and have everything made to order the way you like it with fresh ingredients. It's all about what you need and It’s your choice.

What are the benefits of a Professionally developed unique custom made website?

You get a unique design.
With a custom web design it is created just for your business and is complementary to your brand. Your website will be different from anyone else’s.

By choosing Navega Bem your site will be constructed so it is search engine friendly and equally as important... user friendly.
How we do the background coding of your website will have a very positive impact on your success in the search engines. And you can rest assured that site security is always a priority.

The website will be much more adaptable to your company’s specific requirements.
With programming anything is possible and the functionality you require that helps you stand apart your competitors can be integrated by us and modified at any time.

Professional websites do not remain static. They evolve and grow with new content and functionality, always adapting to the market and technologies available. We always take into account that a succesful site will need to expand in the future with as little interference or cost as possible.

What are the benefits of a commercial template website?

If you need to get your site up and running as fast as possible or if the amount of money you can spend is holding you back from getting your business online, then perhaps a commercial website template may well be the solution for you.

A commercial template requires shorter development time as most of the site structure has already been pre-programmed, so we have less work to do and production costs are lower.

However using website templates does have some downfalls that you should consider before making a decision:

Inevitably there will be lots of other people or companies using the same template.
The website template you choose is going to keep selling to anyone and everyone that comes along and of course the more attractive the template, the more likely it is that lots of other people have already bought that very same template.

You should also be aware that customising your website template will be limited.
Because the site structure is predefined you are quite restricted in terms of expanding the site and having additional functionality in the future.

Of course regardless of which template you choose we will always put your corporate identity into the website and ensure it is targetting your core market and clearly offering your products or services.

To learn more about how we could help you produce your future website request a Proposal from us and we will be happy to advise you.


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