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Lisete Gonçalves

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Managing Director


Lisete Gonçalves first became involved in the visual communications industry with the company Atelier Jardim Lda in 1991. Holding a key position as company administrator, Lisete quickly discovered her talents as both an excellent secretary and a very capable liaison between clients and designers.

Lisete's administrative prowess and her job management skills allowed the company to evolve an effective strategy for producing quality output both on time and at reasonable cost.

Over the years Lisete helped various companies correct their administrative concepts and introduced many exciting and above all highly effective strategies for corporate administration.

Today Lisete is a valuable source of inspiration to 'Navega Bem' and a company partner that keeps the entire team organised, motivated and highly productive.

One of Lisete's areas of activity and certainly one of her passions is the management of Acontece Madeira. The Madeira island culture and events portal is a non-profit service and is funded entirely by Navega Bem.

Lisete created Acontece Madeira purely because there was no comprehensive, up to date cultural events information online that encomapssed the complete islands of Madeira. The Acontece Madeira Facebook page is also highly popular, growing rapidly and certainly the best.

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Chris Szabo

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Creative & Marketing Director

British expat Chris Szabo arrived on Madeira island in 1988 and became the Marketing Director for the company International Leisure SA. In 1990 together with Roberto Jardim Huber and Nick Bayntun he founded Atelier Jardim Lda. The design and communications company was the first of its kind on Madeira and quickly became the first choice for the big hotels and international groups that required quality design, photography and consulting.

As the Marketing Director of Atelier Jardim, Chris quickly saw the enormous potential of the then fast emerging internet world. He dedicated his full time to the study of web development and soon began crafting web sites for some of the biggest Madeira island hotels. He also developed and published the most comprehensive and visited multilingual travel destination guide for the island of Madeira.

Chris also co-founded a Tour Operator in 1996 and spent several years introducing pioneering internet strategies and accumulating invaluable experience within the tourism industry.

In January 2006 'Navega Bem - Web Design' was born with a focus on providing affordable full service digital marketing, development and web design services. Chris Szabo is the creative force behind the company and is part of the highly talented and passionate team that is at your disposal. See our Web Sites Portfolio for a taste of what we could do for you and see what our clients say about the truly impressive service we deliver.

Chris explains "We love the Joomla CMS framework and we have become CMS specialists on an international level as we are constantly expanding our area of expertise with challenging and innovative projects".

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And a highly experienced team of Programmers and Designers

Our most valuable asset is our workforce of highly motivated professionals. We all love what we do!

Our expert team of software engineers and web designers have the knowledge to turn an elegant design into a highly functional and user friendly web site.

The Navega Bem team includes highly experienced programmers, amazingly talented designers / digital marketers. You don't have to be passionate about your website... we'll take care of that for you.


A Clean and Professional working Concept

You want your website to work and bring you more business. You want your website to look great. So do we. That's why at 'Navega Bem - Web Design', we're still doing what we've done since we began.
Clean, professional, and easy to use websites that attract visitors and increase business. Getting a site that really works at a reasonable price really doesn't have to be so complicated!

Read the testimonials from some of our clients or see our press page to see what the media has to say about us.


So what does 'Navega Bem' mean?

Literally translated it means 'Navigate Well'.
But in Portugal we don't surf the internet... we navigate it!


"The Bitter taste of poor quality lingers far longer than the sweet taste of low price!"

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