Nexfone Global Comunications launches a new site


Nexfone is an expert in global communication solutions. Their head office is in Angola and they provide services with the objective of improving communication effectiveness in companies.

Navega Bem – Web Design stepped in to help them communicate their message clearly by developing a new fresh and fully responsive website that will help them reach more of their clients no matter where they are.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to clarify your message and turn your website guests into loyal clients don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Palheiro Village – Luxury Homes and Apartments in Madeira Island

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Located on a prime hilltop site overlooking Funchal, the 120 hectares Palheiro Estate has grown from an early 19th century hunting lodge and summer retreat for nobility, into a sophisticated resort destination.

Renting a holiday home in Madeira differs from reserving a hotel room or bed & breakfast, as it allows the guests to enjoy privacy and flexibility within a luxury property, offering unsurpassed views. Many of these guests find that renting a holiday home provides them with exceptional value and freedom.

Besides all the amenities required by any traveller, Palheiro Village has a reception that can help you book a restaurant, advise on Levada Walks and other activities, as well as any other advise you may need, all with the intent to make you feel at home.

Like other companies that are a part of the Palheiro group –  Palheiro Gardens, Palheiro Golf and Casa Velha do PalheiroPalheiro Village was awarded TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence, an award only possible as a result of consistenly excellent reviews by its guests.

Palheiro Village offers its guests a website that offers all the requirements of the modern traveller. One if the website’s many strengths is the fact that it is responsive and that allows the guest to browse the website in a friendly and intuitive manner on any device.

This website, like other of Palheiro Group projects, was developed by Navega Bem Web Design, an experienced web design agency also located in Funchal, Madeira, that has an international client base.
The team at Navega Bem can take care of every single aspect of your website development online and even train you when the site is ready to launch.

Navega Bem is specialised in the design and development of quality search engine friendly CMS websites (Content Management System) crafted around the award winning Joomla! framework, which means you can update and manage your website without any technical experience.

With a vast experience in hotel website development,  Navega Bem is at the heart of many successful websites, check our website portfolio for more information.

If you wish to develop a website that answers today’s multi-device requirements and that is easy to find on the search engines, contact us.

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Renewing your website brings you some excellent advantages

website redesign brings great advantages

Bringing your website up to date with latest technology or just renewing it to give it a new look can bring you some major advantages.

Google loves new content, so adding new text to your site will help give you a better page ranking. Why?
Whenever someone searches for something Google will try and give the best results. Whatever you search for, you will certainly want the latest info and not something that is out of date. So Google will serve new results with fresh content rather than a website with old stagnant info.
Sites with fresh content get pushed up the results listings and old sites go down.

More than 50% of the people currently viewing websites are using mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones.
If your website is not able to display on mobile devices in a user friendly manner – you are losing a lot of potential business.
Also, this month (April) Google will begin to rank the sites displayed on mobile devices according to one simple fact; mobile readiness.
A new website will be responsive, get your site displayed on all devices and increase your traffic and your business.

Integrate your Social Media channels into your website.  Having Facebook combined with your website or landing pages from your site built into Facebook can give your business a real boost. Take advantage of the latest technology and make the most of what digital marketing can do for you.

To learn more about renewing your website, social media marketing and getting a fully responsive website that displays on all devices, visit Navega Bem.

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Make Your Joomla! Website iPad-Friendly

Apple prides itself in allowing laptop and desktop enthusiasts to enjoy fast network connectivity and a beautiful 9.7” screen with the iPad.  Although Safari on iPad uses the same WebKit layout engine as on a Mac or PC, a few things about your Joomla website may look a little hiccup-y on Apple’s new pride and joy if you don’t take a few precautionary measures.

Put Information First
Keep your website clean-cut and to the point.  One of the benefits of Joomla is unadulterated graphics but keep in mind that the most important part of your site is the information.

Mind the Screen Resolution
Try using fluid width design that can help with hiccups owing to varying screen resolutions.

Make Links Visible
An iPad user doesn’t have a mouse—just a point and tap of a finger.  Make links easy to see (i.e. larger text, and try not to make it a Where’s Waldo experience by hiding it in text).  Also, avoid hover effects.

Use Only Supported Video
The rule of thumb is that audio and video that an iPod supports is also supported by the iPad.  That means movie files with .mov, .mp4, .m4v, and .3gp extensions and the following compression standards are supported:

  • H.264 Baseline Profile Level 3.0 video, up to 640 x 480 at 30 fps. Remember, B frames are not supported in the Baseline profile.
  • MPEG-4 Part 2 video (Simple Profile)
  • AAC-LC audio, up to 48 kHz

This means staying away from Adobe Flash.  Just like the iPhone, the iPad doesn’t support Flash and viewers on the iPad will just get a blank box in place of animation.

Remember Your Audience
The iPad can be used either in portrait or landscape mode; although you see less in the latter mode, most users prefer this because websites and text are bigger and easier to see.  What does that mean to you, the Joomla user?

It means stick with the same principle that novelists, short story writers, and bloggers (well, the good ones) adhere to: use the first sentence to hook the reader, and the rest to reel them in.  In your case, it means keep the first post on a blog or the header of your site interesting, or you’ll bore viewers away.  This is actually not a bad principle to apply to your site, even without regard for iPad viewers.

Bio: Alexis Bonari is a freelance writer and blog junkie. She spends much of her days blogging about Education and CollegeScholarships. In her spare time, she enjoys square-foot gardening, swimming, and avoiding her laptop.

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TOPcasas launches new Real Estate website for the Silver Coast – Portugal


TOPcasas Imobiliária was founded in 2004 and has built a formidable reputation as a professional Real Estate company specialising in the non-resident market.

With studies and background in Law and a great knowledge in the Real Estate area, Ana Constantino started the business. Together with Teresa Mateus, Nuno Constantino and Marco Alexandre, TOPcasas does it best to offer a friendly but highly professional service to all that are looking to buy a house in the Silver Coast Portugal!

In 2007, Richard Williams decided to leave the bank where he worked for 10 years as an account manager, to assume the management of the company, bringing along his experience in Mortgages & Insurance.

Ana Constantino explained “We make a huge investment in advertising our properties, by listing your property with TOPcasas you are exposing it do several different markets and kinds of clients around the world.”

“On top of this our experience made it possible to create a number of good relationship with International estate agents in all continents allowing us to have our products not only in our web resources but in many major offices based in Miami, Toronto, Toquio, Madrid, London, Dublin & many others.”

The Silver Coast is a fertile region slotted between the Atlantic Ocean and the massif that rises in Montejunto and overlooks the entire region in all its extension. This splendid area is a green strip of land sprinkled with white houses, uniting the maritime cost and the countryside in a pleasant climate we wish to visit.

The new TOPcasas property website was developed by Navega Bem – Web Design, specialists in the creation of Real Estate websites and Content Management System Professionals.

Chris Szabo – Creative Director of Navega Bem explained how the site was produced. “The TOPcasas property portal is programmed around the award winning Joomla CMS framework. For this venture we utilised the latest version of Joomla 1.5 and incorporated our proprietary Realty component. With the help of the TOPcasas team we have been able to create a user friendly, search engine friendly website that will produce excellent results in the search engines.”

Anyone looking to buy a property in the Silver Coast through the TOPcasas website will have access to thousands of properties from Cascais up to Fiqueira da Foz. TOPcasas also offer a FREE property find service and take the stress out of buying a villa.

For those who do not live in their property in Portugal full-time, TOPcasas advice is to appoint a property management company to look after the villa or apartment. TOPcasas have a sister company called Black Cove – Silver Coast Property Services Ltd., that will take care of all or some of the following on behalf of the owners:

  • Payment of bills on time (electricity, water, telephone, rates, etc);
  • Regular visits to the property to air it and to keep it clean;
  • Undertaking any necessary minor maintenance work (plumbing, electricity, etc);
  • Taking care of the garden;
  • Regular cleaning of the swimming pool;
  • Preparing the house for arrivals (fresh flowers, food in the refrigerator, etc);
  • Advising on any repair works;
  • Renting out your villa.

For more information about buying or selling property on the gorgeous Silver Coast of Portugal – visit the TOPcasas website at

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