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“There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about”.
Oscar Wilde!

If you don’t have time to take care of your Social Media Marketing… we’ll take care of it for you.

Most companies need to focus on their core business. Running Social Media can be time consuming and it requires expertise.
Our digital marketing team are the experts you need to run your Facebook account and other channels. From as little as €2.50 per day our proven and highly effective Social Media Marketing strategy will BOOST your business results.

Engage and expand your audience across the web with Social Media Marketing.

A clear and well-defined social media presence is the way to expand and grow your reach. Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube can have a massive impact on your online business. There is no other marketing option that is so low cost and with such a great feedback potential. Search engines are using social media activity as an indicator of website credibility.

Stand out from the crowd on the most popular social networks in the world!

With our Social Media Marketing strategy you’ll get

  • A fully managed social media campaign leaving you free to focus on your business
  • Consistently updated content so that it’s always current & relevant
  • Monthly statistics so you can see how your customers engage online

What are the top 10 advantages of Social Media Marketing

  • Highly increased Brand recognition
  • Highly improved Brand loyalty
  • More opportunities to convert
  • Much higher conversion rates
  • Improved credibility for your business
  • Increased inbound traffic
  • Lower marketing costs
  • Improved search engine rankings
  • Overall imrpioved customer experience
  • Improved customer insights

 To receive a proposal and help get your project started simply fill out and send us this Proposal Request form.

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Tips for Tweeting Effectively for Your Business

Next to Facebook, Twitter is one of the most helpful social media tools a business can use to expand their internet marketing. When executed correctly the social media site has the ability to have your marketing completely transform your business. If you’re thinking of opening a Twitter account or already have one in place but you’re unsure where to go from there use these tips to help you get the most from your tweets:

  1. Include relevant links
    Twitter is the perfect place to drop links back to your blog or website because with the inclusion of hashtags you are able to reach a much wider audience than just those that are already following you. The potential to expand your base traffic is phenomenal…

  2. Interact with your followers
    …however don’t limit yourself to only tweeting out links to your website or blog. Be sure to also respond and engage with your followers so that they don’t get the impression that your account is just an automated one designed to spew out links. You’ll create a more loyal audience by being human with them.

  3. Tweet relevant industry news
    In addition to tweeting out links to your own site you should also occasionally tweet out relevant industry news and interesting things that are happening, both in and outside of your niche. This makes your account valuable to your followers because they can count on you to provide them with both relevant and entertaining information.

  4. Avoid saturating your followers’ feeds, but don’t be a ghost account either
    A big mistake that people make when first signing up with Twitter is massively saturating their followers’ feed. You don’t want to tweet so much that you become white noise that they just glance over in a quest to find more interesting and pertinent information. However you also don’t want to tweet so rarely that people forget that you exist or end up un-following you. Find a healthy balance in how often you space out your tweets so that you remain a steady constant that people look forward to reading and interacting with.

  5. Have multiple people tweet
    One thing that can be key for businesses is to have multiple people tweet from the same Twitter account. Having a variety of personalities helps to appeal to several audiences and makes it easy for the account to stay live if a person leaves the company or takes some time off of work.


Author Bio:

Kate Croston is a freelance writer, holds a bachelors degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. She writes guest posts for different sites and loves contributing internet service related topics. Questions or comments can be sent to:  katecroston.croston09 @

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Google+ for your business or brand – It’s worth taking advantage

Google+ Pages has finally brought its social media network to the world of business. Now companies which have created a Google+ account can post articles about themselves and their products or services.

So how does this benefit companies?

In a similar manner to Facebook, followers of a Google+ Page can comment on or share the company’s posts, creating running conversation threads. Additionally, Businesses can even set up customized hangouts where they can chat directly with their potential and current clients.

Using the Google+ Direct Connect, you can insert a “+” before your search term and go directly to a business’s ‘Google+’ page. For example, if you type “+NavegaBem” into a ‘Google+’ search box, Google will direct you straight to Navega Bem’s Plus page.

And this is certainly where Google is going have dominance over Facebook. With such a wide array of tools like Google search, Gmail , Google Maps,  Chrome and Android –  Google really offers a myriad tools that are intrinsic to many of our online lives – and all of these of course can be connected to Google+.

As Google+ now evolves, it will have the resources to promote its entire social network as well as the branded pages within it, in special ways that both Facebook and Twitter can’t.

Imagine what a huge impact this will have on search engine results in the future!

To help companies get started, Google has created an online guide to show them how to create a page, promote it, as well as measure its effectiveness.

Join us on our Google+ page : +NavegaBem

 Chris Szabo

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Google social search changes have arrived

We have seen it coming for quite some time and we have been making sure we have plenty of social content out there to index. We have been telling our clients to get on board and take advantage of this. Well here it is… The Google social search changes have finally arrived and will make searching  more exact and probably more fun.

So what is it all about?
Google has announced that its search results will now include content from social media. Listings will basically include a sampling of social search results. Until now they were confined to the bottom of the search results page – but now they appear within the normal listing results, with an annotation to the source.

Logged in users will be able to see if a site has been recommended by their friends on Twitter or Facebook or other social media public profiles.

This is great news for everyone (except people that don’t use social media to offer services etc..). Search results will produce more precise information and this helps both the searcher and the info publisher. If you are sending Tweets or Facebook messages that are publicly shared – you will probably see them come up when searching Google.

This is by no means confined to Facebook and Twitter. If you want maximum exposure for your services, products or information – get social and start building your social media relationships.

There are those that believe this may lead to diluted content or irrelevant results. Think again! Look at the global picture and realize what an enormous impact Social media has had on all information broadcasting. To be able to provide up to date and relevant information (which is what we all search for – and Google is intent on delivering) this is an almighty leap in the right direction.

To learn more about our Social Media Marketing services visit our website

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Get your potential customers to come looking for you


Want a lot more web based business for a lot less money?

Most people are now aware of the growing impact of Social Media. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and YouTube have become household names – not having some of these Social Media giants connected to your website is no longer an option. There exists no other low-cost promotional method that will easily give you large numbers of visitors, many of whom may well come back to your website time and time again.

Your customers may well be on your website but what about your potential clients?
If you could get new customers without them visiting your website, wouldn’t that be great?
With Social Media you can build your brand recognition and create trust off your website so that the conversion rates on your website go way up! See some interesting facts here.

Your potential customers will come looking for you!

Social Media is a natural evolvement of the Web and we have become specialized in the the working of social media technologies to help reach a targeted audience, generate that much needed revenue and create a positive image for a business.

Social Media marketing is a two-way form of communication

Probably the most important aspect of our marketing at Navega Bem is that we recognize that Social Media unlike other forms of online marketing is a two-way form of communication. Many companies are not yet using Social Media and the majority of those that do will simply narrowcast their wares to no-one in particular. We focus on building communities to interact with and we create good quality content. Social Media really is about ‘Quality’ and not ‘Quantity’. 200 interactive connections can be much more powerful than 200.000 one way connections.

Lisete Gonçalves, Project Director and Administrator of Navega Bem explains why in-house Social Media marketing is not always the best option. “We encourage all our clients to setup and run their own Twitter and Facebook accounts. But of course it requires a dedicated strategy. In much the same way that a company needs a professional website to create a credible relationship with its customers and communicate a competent approach,  it also needs to exhibit that same professionalism with its Social Media. So, if you don’t have the experience or the time to run your social marketing internally – we are here to help.”

Social Media marketing is all about creating content, sharing expertise and being part of a like minded community. The time has now come to reach out and talk with your customers and potential clients and offer them your experience. It takes skill and perception to manage your company’s image with social media. Navega Bem’s Social Media marketing services are targeted at substantially increasing communication between you and the rest of the world. We will show how interacting with your customer base can make an enormous difference in bringing you new clients and generating a better income.

To learn more contact us or fill in out Proposal Request form.

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