Reslogik hotel booking engine solutions launch

Reslogik Hotel Booking Engine

Navega Bem – Web Design has launched ‘RESLOGIK‘ the new hotel booking engine solution for small and middle size hotels.

More than a year and a half in development the fully featured booking engine is now available.
Reslogik was created due to a real niche in the market. Navega Bem – Web Design has been producing professional quality websites since 2006 and was never really able to find a booking engine solution for its clients that performed well and had all the features necessary for the day to day running of a busy hotel.
The development team visited scores of hotels and sat down with the respective reservation departments in order to research the current market and find out what functionality could be improved upon or is even perhaps missing. The result is RESLOGIK!

Highly affordable and a joy to use, Reslogik allows hotels and holiday properties to manage their complete inventories through a single user interface.
Reslogik has highly refined functionality and allows for the easy addition of all the extras, discounts, services and other typical as well as unusual configurations that hotels and other properties may have.

Marketing Director Chris Szabo explained “There are some very professional booking engines available for hotels. But when functionality is missing or the system does not allow for certain configurations, then work arounds and alternate systems have to be implemented. This results in both loss of time and a precarious situation where mistakes can easily be made because additional checks have to be made. Reslogik has developed a booking engine that is both multilingual and has the root operating capabilities to be implemented in international markets. All the functionality you need is right there where you would expect it to be.”

Reslogik also features a channel manager that is focused on Holiday Rentals/Vacation Rentals. Properties that offer self catering accommodation have access to more than 30 prominent channels. And more channels are being added.
All the channels are synchronised automatically and can be managed from the Reslogik interface in real time. As soon as a booking is made in the property or on one of the channels – the availability is updated instantly.

Learn more about RESLOGIK on their website.

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Madeira island Quinta launches new website

Quinta Mãe dos Homens Garden Village is a collection of self catering apartments situated in an exclusive private estate perched above the city centre of Funchal on the island of Madeira.

The Quinta has now launched their new website and very pleased with the initial reaction from potential clients wishing to stay at the property.

The website has been designed and developed by full service digital marketing, development and web design agency Navega Bem, also located on Madeira island. This is the second site in 4 years that been created by Navega Bem – Web Design.

Chris Szabo, MD and Creative Director explained “We are privileged to have been asked to another site for Quinta Mãe dos Homens. The new site is visually very different to the previous one, but we did choose to once again use the Joomla CMS framework to develop the site. However, we have built this site on the newest version of Joomla (2.5) which gives us greater control, flexibility and security than any previous versions.”

“In our experience there is no better CMS platform available for this kind of website. We are now looking at a second phase of development which will incorporate an online booking engine allowing site visitors to make immediate reservations and pay online.”

Vist the new Quinta Mãe dos Homens Garden Village website here.

Author: Chris Szabo

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The finest collection of self catering properties in Madeira Island

The finest collection of self catering properties in Madeira Island

The finest collection of self catering properties in Madeira Island

Funchal Cottages – Madeira –  have launched their new website which as the owners claim, contain the finest collection of self catering properties on Madeira island.

The fine collection of quality self catering properties have huge terraces with ocean views, beautiful houses, garden and swimming pools. 
Eight stunning and very private self-catering properties by the sea, with wonderful ocean and bay views. All of the properties are owned and managed by ‘Funchal Cottages‘.

The director of Funchal Cottages, Cristina Abreu explained “Advertising on Home-Away since 2006, we are a trusted and professional service that you can trust.
We organize airport transfers for guests, an easy and friendly service with our English property manager. You also receive support during your stay for anything needed, medical or otherwise. Our international team is on hand permanently to make sure you have all the attention you need during your stay. We can also help with any local tips you might need such as the best value wines, good walks or which restaurants to visit.”

The website has been developed by the full service digital marketing, development and responsive web design agency ‘Navega Bem‘ who are also based on Madeira island, Portugal.
The site has been crafted around the Joomla CMS platform . Chris Szabo, MD and Creative Director of ‘Navega Bem’ explained “Responsive Web Design has now become the default standard for our new projects. We recognized that we have to think and create beyond the desktop computer and craft attractive functional websites that respond to our users needs.”

“Today, we are utilizing new CSS techniques & HTML5  coupled with new design principles that include fluid grids, flexible images and media queries. This gives us the ability deliver a quality user experience to our users regardless of how large or small their display. Funchal Cottages – Madeira takes full advantage of this and is truly a multi device website”

Visit the new Funchal Cottages website here.

Learn more about Responsive Web Design here.


Author: Chris Szabo

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Casas Valleparaízo – Madeira Island – Self Catering Cottages


On Madeira Island, in the verdant parish of Camacha you can find some of the most charming self catering cottages, true jewels of rural tourism, located in an ancient agricultural property in Vale Paraíso.

Casas Valleparaízo is the perfect choice for the family to experience the authenticity of country life in an environment surrounded by orchards, gardens, birds and farm animals.

Visitors to Madeira island can now book these self catering cottages online in the new website which was recently launched.

Casas Valleparaízo are composed of nine self catering lodges, charmingly inserted in an idyllic atmosphere full of fruit trees, flowers and animals, and located at Vale Paraíso, in Camacha Village.

These rural tourism gemstones promise a pleasant experience of privacy and quietness, an escape from labour turmoil and everyday life to all nature lovers.

The site has been carefully crafted by Navega Bem – Web Design using the Open Source CMF Framework Joomla!
The website designer Sara Lomelino explained “Casa Valleparaízo is a very unique estate of self catering properties and we have tried to reflect this in the design of the site.”

Visit Casas Valleparaízo – Madeira Island here.

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