Homes Trading launches new property portal

Home Trading Property Portal

Homes Trading have now launched their new property website, where you will find a wide-ranging selection of the finest properties in Europe. If you want to buy, sell or rent a luxurious villa, a stylish apartment or a cozy cottage, either facing the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean or with a breathtaking panorama of the Mountains, take a look at the Homes Trading property portfolio.

Homes Trading can provide you with a varied real estate selection, from residential to commercial properties. They offer a fine selection of semi or detached houses, apartments and plots with many different features available for you to choose from, namely localization (urban or countryside, sea view and/or mountain view) and architecture (modern and/or traditional design).

The new Homes Trading – Real Estate website has been developed by CMS specialists Navega Bem – Web Design based on Madeira island, Portugal.

Chris Szabo, MD of Navega Bem explained “with our ‘CMS Real Estate‘ component, you can run a multilingual CMS Real Estate Agency website and manage it from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection and a standard browser.

Navega Bem provides a complete, ready to launch website that includes a unique design (we don’t use commercial templates), initial search engine optimisation and pre-launch marketing. All a Real Estate Agent has to do is add or import its properties and off they go. It’s that easy! And there are no license fees, no monthly fees, no maintenance fees or set-up fees.

The complete Real Estate web site is managed through just one back office! Our Joomla 3 component (‘CMS Real Estate‘) has been developed from the ground up with a complete new architecture and offers total management of the properties and the clients. The sites provides the total management of properties and clients.

In just 1 hours online training with our remote software we train our clients to confidently manage their complete website. We are Joomla specialists and our focus as developers is always on mobile friendly, user friendly and search engine friendly web sites that bring exceptional results.”

Visit the new Homes Trading website here:

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The leading agency for quality Real Estate in Cyprus

Cyprus Property Specialists

Market leaders for property in Cyprus and certainly specialists for Real Estate in Paphos; Fitzgerald Marketing  have launched their new property portal.
The site is available in 3 languages; English, Russian and Chinese.

Fitzgerald Marketing pride themselves on being different in many positive ways. They are a property marketing firm, totally independent and market leaders in the  re-sale property market.

Their comprehensive industry knowledge, re-sale market expertise and powerful internet presence give their clients a really competitive edge when buying or selling property.

The new online presence has been created for international property markets and was developed by Navega Bem – Portugal.
Pestana Nobrega, site developer explained “We have developed the site around the world’s leading CMS platform Joomla! This amazing software allows our clients to manage their websites totally independent of any third parties.”

“The site is fully responsive and will adapt to display on any device in a user friendly manner.”

To learn more about Fitzgerald Marketing visit their new property portal here.

To learn more about multi-lingual CMS property websites visit Navega Bem.


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AYS Madeira - Madeira Holiday Rentals & Property Management

AYS – Madeira Holiday Rentals & Property Management

AYS Madeira - Madeira Holiday Rentals & Property Management

Madeira islands family run holiday rentals and property management company AYS – Madeira have launched their new ‘responsive‘ website.
Successfully operating their business for several years their expertise is exclusively in providing property management and holiday rentals services to property owners on the island of Madeira.
The new website features a wealth of quality holiday properties on the island that are all perfectly maintained and managed to ensure  a hitch free holiday.
AYS Madeira also offer professional property management services. Whether you are leaving your home unattended for a short period or a long one, they are able to provide a full range of services for you. In order to feel secure leaving your home, you need to know that when you return you will find it as you left it.

The new website has been developed by Joomla specialists Navega Bem – Web Design.

Chris Szabo, Creative Director for Navega Bem explained “This is the third website we have produced for AYS – Madeira in the last 6 years. Customer satisfaction is paramount for us and we have a very high percentage of repeat clients.”
“The new website has been developed around Joomla 3.2 and is fully responsive. Essentially, site visitors can view the site on any device in a user friendly manner.”
“The site incorporates our ‘CMS Real Estate Agent‘ component, that we have developed in house and have marketed successfully to many clients. The component provides a complete solution for any Property Agency and features full multi-agent capability.”

Follow this link to  learn more about Professional CMS Real Estate websites.

Visit the new AYS Madeira website here:

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Gozo Real Estate

Real Estate, Property, Homes and Retreats in Gozo, Malta

Gozo Real Estate

Anyone interested in Property or Real Estate in Gozo, Malta now has the ideal place to begin their search; The new LOOKGOZO  Real Estate Portal offers a a wide range of excellent properties for all areas on the Maltese islands.

New apartments, houses and developments are added each month. Each property has a quality image gallery, map location and featured full property information.
Interested clients visiting the website can request a showing of the property, calculate mortgage payments, request further information, add to wishlist – or even request that LOOKGOZO sell their property.


The LOOKGOZO realty company has been built upon personal relationships and trust. They provide their own independent and professional opinion backed up by facts and real-time information.

LOOKGOZO also provide an online Property Buying Guide, offer Gozo Rental Services and a myriad of information about the islands of Gozo and Malta.

A detailed Advanced Search Page offers the tools required to quickly pinpoint properties in the exact location, price range and with the features wanted.

LOOKGOZO is certainly one of the best Real Estate websites for Gozo with excellent Properties, Homes and Retreats at very reasonable prices. Visit LOOKGOZO here:

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Joomla CMS Real Estate Agent Websites

Joomla! CMS Real Estate Agent Website – A Complete Solution

Joomla CMS Real Estate Agent Websites

Our new Responsive Real Estate Agent websites come with complete front office management and a whole array of new features!

Operating Joomla! 2.x or Joomla! 3.x as the framework of your web site in conjunction with our ‘CMS Real Estate’ component, you can run a multilingual CMS Real Estate Agency website that you can manage from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection and a standard browser.

Responsive Web Site Development makes for multi device property websites
Today, we are utilizing new CSS techniques & HTML5 coupled with new design principles that include fluid grids, flexible images and media queries. This gives us the ability deliver a quality user experience to your users regardless of how large or small their display. So your Real Estate web site will work on a large flatscreen TV, a desktop PC, laptop, tablets or on small smartphones… and whatever comes next!

A one time investment. No license fees – no monthly fees!

  • We develop your complete Property site including a unique design and initial Search Engine Optimization.
  • We deliver a finished site that is ready to go online and only needs your properties adding or importing.
  • CMS Real Estate is multilingual and can be in as many languages as you wish.
  • All properties and clients are managed through a unique user friendly front office.
  • CMS Real Estate is ‘responsive’, so it will adapt to any device from a smart phone to a large flatscreen TV.

Your Property website is the first thing most of your clients will ever see about you – impress them!

Visit our Real Estate DEMO site and try out the new features and front office for yourself:

Joomla CMS • Multi-Lingual • Multi Manager

Author: Chris Szabo

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