Professionale Webseiten mit CMS für Immobilienmakler

Eine komplette Lösung für Ihre Immobilie

Wir investierten viel Zeit in die Forschung und Entwicklung einer Lösung für Immobilien. Was zunächst lediglich als Projekt für einen einzigen Kunden startete, wandelte sich in eine Obsession für uns – wir studierten vollständig den Markt mit Bezug auf den Verkauf von Immobilien und entwickelten ein Produkt, das den Wettbewerb maximal möglichst direkt hinter uns hinterlässt!

Mit dem Eisatz von Joomla 1.5 als Rückgrat der Website können wir Ihnen eine CMS-Lösung mit Bezug auf Immobilien mehrsprachig, so dass jeder Teil der Welt angesprochen werden könnte, anbieten. Alles, was Sie brauchen, ist nur über die Internetverbindung und einen beliebigen Browser (z.B.: Firefox, Internet Explorer etc.) zu verfügen. Besuchen Sie unsere Website auf den CMS-Immobilien.

Navega Bem ist eine renommierte Firma für Webseitendesign und -entwicklung mit Sitz in Madeira, Portugal. Wir sind Drupal und Joomla-CMS-Spezialisten.

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Joomla 1.5 Real Estate Agency site Proper Property


The Montenegrin Real Estate company ‘Proper Property Monte‘ have launched their new agency site targeting the Russian market.

The site was developed by Joomla specialists ‘Navega Bem – Web Design‘ based on Madeira island – Portugal.

Chris Szabo, MD of the development company explained “this site is one of our first to encompass our all new Real Estate Agent component that we have developed in house over the last months which is specifically made for Joomla 1.5”

“The multilingual site allows for extremely simple management of properties and has many additional features that make it highly competitive with other high end professional solutions on the market – but with no license fees, maintenance fees, monthly fees or setup costs.”

Chris went on to explain “We don’t sell our component to other developers. We don’t particularly want to get into the software sales market and begin offering support services etc.  We focus on creating complete Real Estate Agent websites with unique template designs and initial Search Engine Optimisation. Our clients simply have to begin adding or importing their properties. We are not new to the Realty market and have in the past developed several sites with our own component for Joomla 1.0 – however, just like Joomla 1.5 our new component has been programmed with a completely new architecture and the focus has been on ease of use for the non-technical client. Agencies can focus on marketing their properties without spending valuable time learning new software. We shall continue to develop our component and provide free updates to existing 1.5 clients.”

Chris explained “we are now completing a further 2 Real Estate sites for clients and preparing an online demo that potential customers can test drive and with full explanations and screenshots of the property management area – we expect that to go live within the next month.”

To learn more about complete and unique Real Estate Agent websites crafted with Joomla 1.5 visit Navega Bem – Web Design.

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Professional Joomla 1.5 Real Estate Agent Websites

Using Joomla 1.5 as the backbone of the website you can run your own multilingual CMS Real Estate Agent website that you can manage from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection and a standard browser.

What started as a project for just one client in 2007 has become a specialized field for Navega Bem – Web Design based on the Portuguese island of Madeira – Navega Bem have thoroughly researched the Real Estate online sales market and have crafted an all-encompassing product that leaves the competition standing… way behind!

A one time investment – no license fees – no monthly fees!
Navega Bem can compete with most professional real estate solutions on the market… as you will see. The Real Estate Agency sites can do everything you need – and a whole lot more.

The complete site (CMS & Real Estate) is managed through just one back office!

So what can a Navega Bem Real Estate Agent website deliver???
SMS Text Messaging
Multi Lingual
RSS Feed
Company Presentation
Simple and Advanced Search
Special Offers and News
Forms for sales and purchase
Contact Forms
Contact Details
Property Printing
Recommend Property
Publicity Banners
Animated/Flash Offers and News
Commercial Contacts
Animated Logo
Video and Audio
Animated Menus
Mortgage Calculator
Animated Introduction
Recommend Website
Page Printing
Google Mapping
Personalised Property File
Unique Design
Panoramic Images
Property Galleries
Personalised Property File
Web 2.0 Integration

XML Exportation for:
Google Base

This is what Navega Bem doesn’t have…
License Fee
Monthly Fee
Maintenance Fee
Set-up Fee

Navega Bem – Web Design‘ provides not only an incredible Real Estate Agency Site that has more integrated features than most of the other solutions put together – we also provide the complete package for a considerably lower cost than our competitors. And there are no license fees, no monthly fees, no maintenance fees or set-up fees.

Your Joomla based ‘Real Estate Site’ can be live within just a few weeks. We deliver a finished site and provide the schooling so that you can manage it. Your site will be optimised for the search engines and the only thing you have to do is add your properties. Please not that we do NOT market our Real Estate solution as a separate component – we provide only fully developed ready to run sites with unique designs and we don’t use commercial templates. Learn more here…

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Nick Bayntun Photography launches premier site

Renowned Madeira island and Lisbon based photographer Nick Bayntun has launched his premier website to facilitate improved communication with his current client base and extend a more amenable welcome to potential customers.

The minimalistic yet stunning site has been developed around the Joomla CMS framework and marks the corner stone of a portal that will incorporate high resolution download capability, restricted access to individual clients and an expansive portolio covering the many facets of Nick’s professional work.

The site has been developed by Joomla professionals ‘Navega Bem – Web Design‘.

Managing and Creative Director Chris Szabo explained “We have been involved with Nick for many years.  His approach to photography stems from one simple concept: pursue the passion and great images will follow. Whilst shooting Nick is always tuned in to the emotion of the moment and telling the story as it unfolds naturally. He pays attention to the finer details that are often taken for granted or overlooked. The results are always stunning and totally unique.”

“Excellent photography is always a good investment for any business. A picture paints a thousand words and Nick’s images speak volumes”.

Visit Nick Bayntun Photography at:

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