#Reslogik – Hotel Booking Engine Solution

Reslogik Booking Engine

Convert your website visitors into paying guests.

Reslogik is really easy to manage and comes with all the functionality you need to present your hotel to your potential guests.

If you are looking for a reliable Booking Engine made by hospitality professionals for the hospitality industry – Reslogik is the new solution for small and middle size hotels and properties.

  • Fits easily into your hotel website
  • Works on all devices including Mobile
  • Includes Facebook integration
  • Channel Manager integration
  • Manage all your bookings from one interface
  • Synchronizes to all channels in real time

You can learn more at https://www.reslogik.com/

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Perfect booking engine for vacation rentals and self catering properties

Reslogik - The new booking engine solution

Reslogik is the new and highly functional booking engine for small and middle size hotels or properties.

The Channel Manager is focused on Holiday/Vacation Rentals properties. Reslogik offers a myriad of channels that you can display your rooms or properties on. And you can manage all those channels as well as your own website sales through one single user friendly interface.
Availability is synchronized automatically across all channels so you always know which rooms are vacant, which sales you have made and what revenue is coming in.

Property Management System (PMS)

Organise everything from bookings and room rates to reports, statistics and catering for your guests extra wishes. Reslogik has an intuitive Property Management System for every Hotel and Resort! Based in the cloud Reslogik offers a secure hospitality management solution with real time bookings and confirmations.

Includes Mobile Devices
The Reslogik booking engine is fully responsive and adapts to display in a user friendly manner on all devices and at no extra cost.

Includes Facebook Integration
Facebook can help generate an enormous percentage of your bookings and this functionality is available at no extra cost.

Manage all channels centrally
Reslogik makes it very simple indeed to manage all your online distribution from one single user friendly interface.

Beautiful high profile websites
Reslogik also designs and develops attractive user friendly websites that bring you more traffic and more business.

Multiply direct bookings
Every direct booking you get is revenue you don’t have to share. Turn your website visitors into paying guests.

Free future updates
As Reslogik continues to improve and feature new functionality you will automatically have immediate access and at no extra cost.

To learn more about the advantages of Reslogik visit the website here.

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Reslogik hotel booking engine solutions launch

Reslogik Hotel Booking Engine

Navega Bem – Web Design has launched ‘RESLOGIK‘ the new hotel booking engine solution for small and middle size hotels.

More than a year and a half in development the fully featured booking engine is now available.
Reslogik was created due to a real niche in the market. Navega Bem – Web Design has been producing professional quality websites since 2006 and was never really able to find a booking engine solution for its clients that performed well and had all the features necessary for the day to day running of a busy hotel.
The development team visited scores of hotels and sat down with the respective reservation departments in order to research the current market and find out what functionality could be improved upon or is even perhaps missing. The result is RESLOGIK!

Highly affordable and a joy to use, Reslogik allows hotels and holiday properties to manage their complete inventories through a single user interface.
Reslogik has highly refined functionality and allows for the easy addition of all the extras, discounts, services and other typical as well as unusual configurations that hotels and other properties may have.

Marketing Director Chris Szabo explained “There are some very professional booking engines available for hotels. But when functionality is missing or the system does not allow for certain configurations, then work arounds and alternate systems have to be implemented. This results in both loss of time and a precarious situation where mistakes can easily be made because additional checks have to be made. Reslogik has developed a booking engine that is both multilingual and has the root operating capabilities to be implemented in international markets. All the functionality you need is right there where you would expect it to be.”

Reslogik also features a channel manager that is focused on Holiday Rentals/Vacation Rentals. Properties that offer self catering accommodation have access to more than 30 prominent channels. And more channels are being added.
All the channels are synchronised automatically and can be managed from the Reslogik interface in real time. As soon as a booking is made in the property or on one of the channels – the availability is updated instantly.

Learn more about RESLOGIK on their website.

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Funchal Charming Apartments – Madeira island

Funchal Charming Apartments

Funchal Charming Apartments offer high-level hospitality in their spacious, fully equipped accommodation. No expense has been spared ensuring the highest attention to detail and standards that will complement your comfortable lifestyle.
This is truly the most memorable and enriching way to experience a holiday in Funchal, Madeira.

The new website has been carefully crafted according to the proprietors wishes and developed around the Joomla! CMS framework by web design professionals Navega Bem.

Marta Garcês, web designer for Navega Bem explained “Madeira island thrives on tourism and with a wide range of accommodation to suit every taste and pocket, it has become quite a challenge to stand out and offer excellent services to the island’s visitors.
In close collaboration with the proprietors of ‘Funchal Charming Apartments‘ we have created a website that looks both attractive and is highly functional. The site is fully ‘responsive‘ and adapts to display on any device. This does away with the necessity to have additional costly Apps that are designed solely for mobile devices. Here we have one site that will work on any device.”

Follow this link to visit the new Funchal Charming Apartments website.

To learn more about attractive and ‘responsive‘  CMS websites that you can manage yourself, visit Navega Bem – Web Design.

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Google experiments with showing Hotel prices on Google Maps

Hotel websites can get their prices into Google Maps: Google Maps is often one of the first sites travelers visit to find and compare hotels. Today Google started experimenting with a new feature, for the time being only visible to a small portion of users, to help make that process even easier by showing specific prices for selected hotel listings.

This is great news for consumers. With this feature, when you search for hotels on Google Maps you’ll be able to enter the dates you plan to stay and see real prices on selected listings. You can click on the price to see a list of advertisers who have provided pricing information for that hotel, indicated by the “Sponsored” text, and click through to reserve a room on the advertiser’s site. By showing you this relevant hotel rate information directly in the Google Maps results panel Google  hopes to make this aspect of your trip planning more speedy and efficient – so you can get where you’re going and enjoy your travel destination!

A potential visitor to Madeira island for example could quickly compare prices to all hotels with ‘sponsored’ listings. Although the trend is more and more to visit independent hotel websites and evaluate services, location and ratings – this is certainly a tool full of promise for certain sectors of the hospitality market.

Here’s an example of the Google Maps results for someone who is searching for hotels in New York City:


This new feature will not change the way that hotels are ranked in Google Maps. Google Maps ranks business listings based on their relevance to the search terms entered, along with geographic distance (where indicated) and other factors, regardless of whether there is an associated price.

Whilst Google is experimenting with this feature, they are currently working with a limited number of advertisers and it will only be visible to a small portion of users . As always, they will evaluate the usefulness and effectiveness of this new feature based on both data and feedback, and hope to make it available to more users and offer prices from more partners over time.

To learn more about smart hotel websites – visit Navega Bem Web Design.
To learn more about Google Maps and Hotel Prices follow this link.

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