FASP – Property & Investment Opportunities – Portugal


FASP is a new service from an experienced investment consultant who meets the requirements of those wishing to purchase a home or make solid investments in the Portuguese mainland and Madeira Island.

The proprietor of FASP has been enamoured with Portugal and Madeira for almost 30 years and is passionate sharing her enthusiasm about the beauty of the country and the opportunities available for home owners and business investors from abroad.

Portugal today offers fantastic opportunities not only concerning the very beneficial retirement packages and tax benefits that are available but also when it comes to turning your dream of having a home abroad into reality.

The new FASP website was launched at the nordic regions biggest exhibition for buying properties abroad in Stockholm on the 24th September, where FASP presented its own fair stand. The exhibitions are a market place for exhibitors from the whole world who want to get in contact with qualified buyers. (Köpa hus utomlands-International Property Exhibition)

The new site was unveiled with the collaboration of the Portuguese digital marketing company Navega Bem.

Visit FASP here to learn more about owning your own home and investing in Portugal and Madeira Island.

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Home Finance Guide and Real Estate Factors to Consider

Home Finance Guide

Home Finance Guide and Real Estate Factors to Consider

Purchasing a home is a thrilling opportunity but identifying the right property is only one of the critical steps during this process. Making the right choice when you choose a mortgage is equally important. Finding a suitable home finance option is an important step in the process of purchasing a home.

Home Finance- Making the Right Choice

There are various specifications that need to be taken into account. You need to identify home financing solutions that suit your budget, lifestyle and need.

  • Choosing your mortgage requires you to find out what it will do for your acquisition. You also need to consider how the features of different home loan options to determine which kind of mortgage will meet your requirements.
  • Home finance comparisons can be made online with effective tools such as online calculators that help you assess terms and interest rates.  An online calculator enables you to compare the cost of servicing a loan for the duration of the loan.
  • Consulting professionals such as financial advisors and mortgage brokers will help you determine how to finance your home according to your specified needs. Getting the right type of financing for your home is an important decision. Saving for the down payment, checking credit score and organizing your financial documents are among the important steps towards finding the best home loan.

How to Maximize on the Potential of Real Estate

When you are interested in investing in residential properties, research is necessary for making wise decisions. Purchasing a home can enable you to make an investment that will yield worthwhile returns. Begin by thinking about the kind of property you want to invest in. There are various properties ranging from apartments to condos and each type offer s various advantages that make them financially viable.

  • Real estate is popular for providing rent profits and capital appreciation over time. After making a decision regarding which type of real estate you want to invest in, location is your next consideration. Identify the top cities that are known for residential appreciation and general prosperity. Locations that exhibit consistent market growth are good options.
  • Researching on the property market in local residential areas will help you find out whether or not the area has the potential for continual growth. Keeping track of the market regularly is important if you are interested in a long-term investment. This gives you the information that you need to determine whether to buy or sell.
  • Residential projects can give you valuable insight when you are searching for property.
  • Return on investment enables you to determine how efficient your investments are by making comparisons and calculations. Among the factors that define favorable ROI is investment length. Good returns are typically generated with long-term investments.
  • You have the option of purchasing property as a short term investment for profit but long-term investments offer benefits such as tax exemptions and significant capital appreciation.

One of the recommended ways to invest in real estate affordably is ongoing construction projects. This is an effective way to find a profitable long-term investment. Real estate is the ideal way to have a diversified financial portfolio.


Isabella Rossellini is a writer and real estate enthusiast. She is also a poet whose work has been shared around the world. Her hobbies include visiting as many international destinations as she can on an annual basis. Learn more about Matunga residential projects here.

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Homes Trading launches new property portal

Home Trading Property Portal

Homes Trading have now launched their new property website, where you will find a wide-ranging selection of the finest properties in Europe. If you want to buy, sell or rent a luxurious villa, a stylish apartment or a cozy cottage, either facing the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean or with a breathtaking panorama of the Mountains, take a look at the Homes Trading property portfolio.

Homes Trading can provide you with a varied real estate selection, from residential to commercial properties. They offer a fine selection of semi or detached houses, apartments and plots with many different features available for you to choose from, namely localization (urban or countryside, sea view and/or mountain view) and architecture (modern and/or traditional design).

The new Homes Trading – Real Estate website has been developed by CMS specialists Navega Bem – Web Design based on Madeira island, Portugal.

Chris Szabo, MD of Navega Bem explained “with our ‘CMS Real Estate‘ component, you can run a multilingual CMS Real Estate Agency website and manage it from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection and a standard browser.

Navega Bem provides a complete, ready to launch website that includes a unique design (we don’t use commercial templates), initial search engine optimisation and pre-launch marketing. All a Real Estate Agent has to do is add or import its properties and off they go. It’s that easy! And there are no license fees, no monthly fees, no maintenance fees or set-up fees.

The complete Real Estate web site is managed through just one back office! Our Joomla 3 component (‘CMS Real Estate‘) has been developed from the ground up with a complete new architecture and offers total management of the properties and the clients. The sites provides the total management of properties and clients.

In just 1 hours online training with our remote software we train our clients to confidently manage their complete website. We are Joomla specialists and our focus as developers is always on mobile friendly, user friendly and search engine friendly web sites that bring exceptional results.”

Visit the new Homes Trading website here: www.homes-trading.com

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Professional Responsive CMS Real Estate Websites

Joomla CMS Real Estate Agent Websites

If you need a professional and complete solution for your Real Estate Agency web site then CMS Real Estate may be exactly what you are looking for.

Utilizing the latest version of Joomla! as the framework of the site, our unique Property component allows you to run a fully responsive multilingual CMS Real Estate Agent website that you can manage from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser. And because it’s ‘responsive’ your site will adapt to display on any device in a user friendly manner.

View our Property website Portfolio

We have 2 packages that have been conceived to get your business up and running quickly and in the most affordable way:

Package 1: Monthly Subscription for only €50
We provide a uniquely designed professional property website including our CMS Real Estate component, web hosting, initial SEO, support and free updates. We’ll even import your current properties.

Package 2: Full ownership package – no license fees – no monthly fees!
We will develop a professional Real Estate website for you including a unique design for your brand, our CMS Real Estate component, initial SEO, property importation, six months free support and free updates for 12 months.
You pay a one time development fee of only €1600.

Your Joomla based ‘Real Estate Site‘ can be live within just a few weeks. We deliver a professional attractive site that will get found in the search engines and we provide online schooling so that you or your staff can easily manage it.

To learn more about our professional CMS Real Estate solution visit our website.
If you already have a Joomla! website and simply require a Real Estate component follow this link:

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The leading agency for quality Real Estate in Cyprus

Cyprus Property Specialists

Market leaders for property in Cyprus and certainly specialists for Real Estate in Paphos; Fitzgerald Marketing  have launched their new property portal.
The site is available in 3 languages; English, Russian and Chinese.

Fitzgerald Marketing pride themselves on being different in many positive ways. They are a property marketing firm, totally independent and market leaders in the  re-sale property market.

Their comprehensive industry knowledge, re-sale market expertise and powerful internet presence give their clients a really competitive edge when buying or selling property.

The new online presence has been created for international property markets and was developed by Navega Bem – Portugal.
Pestana Nobrega, site developer explained “We have developed the site around the world’s leading CMS platform Joomla! This amazing software allows our clients to manage their websites totally independent of any third parties.”

“The site is fully responsive and will adapt to display on any device in a user friendly manner.”

To learn more about Fitzgerald Marketing visit their new property portal here.

To learn more about multi-lingual CMS property websites visit Navega Bem.


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