Email personalization techniques that are simple yet sophisticated

Email personalization techniques

Marketers face a big challenge in personalizing e-mails for marketing to ensure that recipients recognize it as valid communication and accept it.  Since the internet is flooded with unsolicited e-mails, there are high chances that unless e-mails are properly personalized, recipients will not hesitate to treat it as spam and debar it from delivery into the inbox. However, making your way into the inbox of customers is only the first step in e-mail marketing with the actual work beginning only after it is accepted and read. Personalization should help in recognizing valid e-mails and encourage its opening so that customers can act on it to make the marketing efforts a success.   

Personalized e-mails have the power to increase click through rates by at least 14% according to survey results.  Lack of personalization raises the fear of marketing emails being treated as malware by the recipients, which can be a huge setback for SEO and marketing efforts. However, despite being aware of the necessity of personalization only 5% companies and marketers extensively personalize e-mails. The reason for not personalizing emails is that most marketers struggle with personalization because they are not conversant with the ways of doing it. For boosting your e-mail marketing efforts, follow these simple yet sophisticated techniques of personalization.

Discover what attracts customers

Before you take any action in personalization, you must understand the way you must do it. To know how to personalize e-mails, it is important to discover why customers are visiting your website, subscribing to e-mails, or becoming a user. The answer that you get by asking questions to customers would provide considerable insight that helps businesses to send more targeted e-mails.  Remember that personalized e-mails must have relevant content that is of interest to customers.  Once you know the reason why customers come to your website, you will realize that there are different reasons. These reasons help to create different categories of customers.  Now you can create appropriate e-mail messages emails that would be relevant to them.

Build customer personas

After you have done the categorization, you can move ahead to create customer personas, which reveal many other attributes of their behavior and attitude that you can link to the business processes. It helps to identify at which stage of the business process the customer belongs to so that you can draft e-mails accordingly.  To create customer personas, you must interact with them more closely because you have to collect a multitude of data to ascertain the attributes that you can identify and then relate it to your business process. Once you gather the data, you can further refine the categorization by using a matrix of actions they take and their behavioral attributes. This exercise allows you to develop a more personalized customer experience. 

Let customer behavior trigger e-mails

That you are in close touch with their clients and monitoring their behavior becomes evident when you make use of action triggered e-mails.  These are similar to e-mails that you receive from some social media sites when you are off it for prolonged period.  Trigger emails are real time communication that shows you add a personal touch to the relationship with your customer. When you sent a triggered email, it increases the open rate by 152%. These e-mails are immensely powerful for marketers because of its ability to convert leads into customers.  With the purpose of welcoming customers, re-engaging them and for cross selling and up selling, you can set up an automated system for sending trigger e-mails. 

Use location and time

Another mark of personalization of emails is to send e-mails to customers at the time that they feel most convenient.  You must use the client data to dig out the right times of sending e-mails so that it receives the attention of the recipients.  Another issue related to time is if your customers are spread around different locations within different time zones for which you must know their location so that you can work out a plan for having different timelines of sending e-mails. This you can do by using the computer data to detect the best times that suit customers and automate the process of sending e-mails at the scheduled times. For more guidance, you can talk to the professionals at website.

Match landing pages and personalized e-mails

Although you might have personalized emails, there is still scope to achieve more success by pairing the e-mails with the landing pages of your website. The idea is to bring customers on your site by giving the same looks and using the similar copy for both by incorporating the same call to action at both places.  This would give customers a unified experience that increases the chances of conversion as they consume personalized content derived from data.

Email personalization is an easy to achieve marketing strategy that depends on how well you mine customer data from your computer system and make use of it.

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Distinctive Italy – Italian Wedding Planners of Distinction

Distinctive Italy Weddings

Italy’s premier wedding planning company ‘Distinctive Italy Weddings‘ have launched their brand new website.
In response to the rapid transition of users moving to mobile devices to surf the web ‘Distinctive Italy Weddings‘ is ensuring that the fast growing requirement for their services can be handled in an even speedier and user friendly manner.

During 2016 it was interesting to see the growing percentage of users visiting the site on mobile devices. Over the winter months the amount of users on non-desktop devices went over 68% and the decision was made to update the website once again.

For the fourth time since 2011  Joomla! CMS specialists ‘Navega Bem – Web Design‘ were once again commissioned to carry out this important project.
The design brief was basically to create a completely new site identity integrating the latest technology whilst focusing on keeping a highly user friendly interface.

Creative Director Chris Szabo explained “We were honoured to be once again asked to create the new website for DIW and the project took several months to complete. The continuing obvious choice of CMS for this site is Joomla! The newest Joomla! release which is now at 3.7 is an amazing CMS platform and much like the original iPhone has turned into something unbelievably efficient and user friendly.”

“Developing websites with Joomla! means we can deliver spectacular multi-lingual sites that are SEO friendly, device independent and simple for our clients to manage themselves without our help.”

Visit the new ‘Distinctive Italy Weddings’ website here.

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DENIS DE LUCA – Filmmaker

Denis de Luca - Filmmaker

Denis has been in the communications field for over 15 years. During that time he has created a great deal of videos of the widest range, with professionalism, resourcefulness, and dynamics, including: advertising, television, documentaries, musical film clips, special events, and wedding films.

What has remained unchanged over time is the passion for this work, and this is the the true reason Denis believes he is able to make each film unique, keeping a proper balance between the style of the client and his own creative approach.

“I create films for television, internet channels, television advertising, corporate events, documentaries, ceremonies, special events and any type of audio-visual product”

Visit the new website at:

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Rodavante Rent a Car – Madeira Island – Website launch

Rodavante Rent a Car

RODAVANTE is a highly experienced company specialised in car rentals in Madeira Island, Porto Santo and Lisbon. We offer ‘with driver’ or ‘without driver’ services. The Headquarters are located in the beautiful city of Funchal.

The RODAVANTE car fleet encompasses the necessities of the most demanding customers, with modern vehicles in excellent condition which is always followed up with expert assistance.

The fleet consists of 5-seater and 5-door utility vehicles, which are the most requested by their customers. They also have automatic vehicles, cabriolets, 7 and 9-passenger vans as well as other top brand vehicles.

RODAVANTE have now launched their new website which contains all the information necessary to allow clients to make a fully informed buying decision and book their cars online 24/7.

The site was developed by Madeira Island’s leading web design and digital marketing company Navega Bem.

Chris Szabo, Marketing Director of Navega Bem explained; “This is a fully responsive solution that will allow RODAVANTE to reach customers on their smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. The site which is available in two languages presents the company in a new and attractive manner.
An important step in developing this new website was the SEO work developed in the background, this allowed us to guarantee that our client will have an excellent Google ranking.”

Visit the new RODAVANTE Rent a Car website here.
To learn more about quality professional websites that work on all devices visit Navega Bem Web Design.

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Choose your adventure on Madeira… we’ll take care of the rest!

Harmony in Nature

Harmony in Nature‘ is a company dedicated to active tourism with amazing outdoor services ranging from the sea to the mountains, all unveiling the hidden beauty of Madeira island.

They are experts in canyoning, coasteering, climbing and organising events for groups and incentives which provide unforgettable moments of companionship and adventure, all in harmony with nature.

The company ‘Harmony in Nature‘ was founded in 2007 and they appreciate and respect nature in its most purest state.

The new site has been designed and developed by Joomla CMS Professionals Navega Bem – Web Design, who are also located on Madeira island.

Chris Szabo, Creative Director explained “The site has developed around the Joomla CMS platform and therefore allows ‘Harmony in Nature‘ to manage the site all by themselves without having to know anything about programming or HTML. Additionally, the site is fully responsive and will therefore adapt to display on any device, be it a widescreen TV or your smartphone in a user friendly manner. So basically, a website that will work everywhere and on any device.”

Visit the new ‘Harmony in Nature‘ website here.
To learn more about fast, user friendly websites that bring more business – visit Navega Bem.

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