Do you know what Content Manager your site uses?


Navega Bem is a company that is specialized in developing and designing websites that use Joomla as it’s Content Management System (CMS). This is a fact we’ve never kept hidden from our customers, and in fact, you can find Joomla plenty of times in our homepage.

We do this for two reasons:

  1. We consider ourselves an Open company that tries to use Open Source solutions for our customers as much as possible in order to provide them with competitive and cost-efficient products.
  2. Joomla is licensed under a GPL License which among under things tries to prevent companies from selling altered versions of a Licensed product, or make changes to the CMS without distributing it for free.

Joomla is built by a large community of people and they distribute their work for free. We do not claim credit for their work, we only claim credit for our ability to take their excellent CMS and make equally great-looking websites.

This brings more advantages to you, as a customer, than to us as a company, but it’s the proper thing to do. The companies that don’t disclose what CMS they’re using, and claim Joomla as if it were a proprietary system are basically putting these on their customers:


By keeping an open approach, you as a customer are free to choose any company that knows how to work with Joomla. We want people to come, or return to us, because of our quality service and websites, and never because they feel obligated to do so.

Here’s an example of a “masked Joomla”:


And here’s what the normal Joomla login looks like (taken from one of our websites):


Why is it bad for your CMS to be masked?

  • Because you don’t know what it is! – It’s like buying a car and not knowing the brand
  • You don’t know if you can turn to another company if need should arise. – If your “unbranded” car breaks down, who will you turn to?
  • It’s insecure! –  Just as car companies recall their vehicles when they have flaws to fix them, Joomla is constantly updated to fix security flaws. These flaws might be affecting your website right now!

Next time you choose a company to build your website, whether it’s running Joomla, WordPress or another CMS, try to make sure that they’re honest about what they’re using. What might seem like an attractive deal in a short term, might turn into a large expense in the long run.

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