A New Web Stimulus Package is Unveiled

As more and more websites lose earnings and slip down the Google ratings a brand new stimulus package has been announced. The new package aptly named “Website Rescue Plan” or “Joomla utatuzi” (which means ‘solution’ in Swahili)  has been developed to combat what web experts call “a crisis not seen since the dot-com bubble burst”.

How does it work?
The Joomla stimulus package is available cost free to all companies and individuals that require new web sites but don’t have the technical know how to develop a site themselves.
Experts say the stimulus package will make websites very easy to manage, keep up to date and achieve better rankings in the search engines.

Sceptics are concerned that the powers of the Joomla package may be underestimated and overuse could mean that too many worthless sites will begin to appear in high positions in search engine results. But a Joomla advocate stated “The monopoly on good ideas does not belong to a single CMS. But some web sites are very sick. The situation is getting worse. . . . We have to act and act now to break the momentum of this digital downturn. Joomla is the obvious answer.”

A leading website development company manager said “I don’t care whether you’re a webmaster or an IT consultant — if you’re headed for a cliff, you’ve got to change direction. I believe with Joomla we have been able to reach a major compromise, maybe we are not giving everybody what they think they want, but we are giving everyone what they need.”

The biggest question currently being asked around the global village is “Can we download Joomla and try it out for ourselves?” The resounding answer is “Yes we can!”

Learn more about the Joomla Stimulus Package and see an online demo at www.joomla.org

Article submitted by Chris Szabo, MD Navega  Bem – Web Design – Madeira – Portugal