Optimize your Joomla website for the iPhone

With huge numbers of new subscribers to the iPhone every single day it is certainly worth your while having your website optimized to be viewed in an attractive way on the iPhone screen.

Certainly, companies that want to maintain their commanding position need a comprehensive iPhone optimization strategy. Business web sites need to optimize their sites for the iPhone so that they continue to deliver the same high-quality experience that clients enjoy on their Mac and PC every day.

The fact that your web site works on popular browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer or even Apple’s Safari browser is no guarantee that your site will work well on the iPhone. There is even the possibility that the site will not work at all. The iPhone’s browser is a special version of Safari made specifically for the iPhone. It currently lacks support for both Flash and Java, technologies often used on business Web sites.

Navega Bem – Web Design‘ offers a full website optimization service to get your website looking good, easy to navigate and running fast on the iPhone.