New and Viral Content is King

Imagine your daily newspaper had the same headlines, images and stories…. everyday!

There is nothing new to the concept that in order to maintain readership and attract new readers – a newspaper needs compelling content… every single day.
Well, isn’t your website trying to attract new visitors and captivate current ones?

For a long long time it has been said that ‘content is king’. That is very true. However, to be able to compete on the internet today, to be able to maintain a healthy position in a community driven arena, now more than ever you need to accept and act on the fact that ‘New Content is King’. Whatever you do with your site you should work on the premise that the search engines love new content.

New and Viral Content is King

Now lets move on to an even greater truth; New and Viral Content is King!

What is viral content? Well, anything you read on the internet and find worth passing on to your peers can be considered viral. Content that is spread around… like a virus. If you can create content that other readers will want to spread around – you have in actual fact perfect content.

How to create Viral Content in your blog or website:
Whatever you write about – make it easy to understand. Ensure it’s a topic that is interesting and others would want to know about. Make sure it’s interesting enough that other people would want to share it with others.
Images that provoke debate on current issues are a great help. Remember Vanessa and Bertha?

What are the benefits of viral content?
Obviously, like a spreading virus – the more your link is put around – the more people will talk about your article and make links into your site or blog. This in turn will power up your Technorati ranking and attract new visitors.

An example of Royal content:
At the end of October we published an article about ‘Powerful Linking‘ and what sort of strategy should be adopted with company blogs. Within 12 hours of publishing the article could be found on page 1 of Google when searching for ‘Powerful Linking’, which let’s face it is a very general term. Even today the post remains extremely well positioned – see this link: Google and Powerful Linking.

New and Viral content is King.
Viral content is what so many people look for. Viral content is certainly what people bookmark. Viral content is what people recommend to each other. Viral content can start new trends. Viral content can quickly increase your traffic, your page position and eventually maybe your page ranking. Viral content is the perfect foundation for linkbait. Get Viral!

Written by Chris Szabo MD of Navega Bem – Web Design, Madeira island, Portugal.