‘Powerful Linking’ Strategy: Company Blogs

There comes a time in most company web site marketing when it starts to get really difficult to create new inbound links.
Having created and marketed several high profile websites over the span of a few years, I am well aware that there is a saturation point for link management. We also have to take into the account the constant evolution of how the search engines perceive our linking strategy. We have indeed come a long way since the days of ‘all out’ link farming. But thats a subject for another day.

Consider this ‘Powerful Linking’ Strategy:

A company blog is loaded with content and links that is all relevant to its products and market. That is the main reason they are so highly rated in the most relevant and popular search engines. Adding a blog to your company website can give you an enormous upsurge in both traffic and business.

So what is it exactly that makes a blog so valuable for your SE placement?

Search engines love fresh new content and blogs are therefore a mighty weapon when it comes to getting better rankings.

Let me repeat that one more time because this is so important. Not only for your blog but also for your website. “Search engines love fresh new content”!

Blogs are undoubtedly one of the cutting edge site development tools that add a completely new and dynamic dimension to your website.
There is no simpler way of providing new content without losing focus of your products and services.

Fresh content and relevant links will attract unprecedented attention from both search engines and your potential clients. Despite rumours in the SEO community that blog links are ignored by the search engines – I can tell you that is is totally untrue! Simply look at the high ranking placements that blogs receive. The emerging problems with traditional link exchanging (reciprocal linking) do not apply with blogs. On the contrary, reciprocating links with other blogs will give both partners a clear advantage. This is ‘Powerful Linking’ at its best.

The other highly important aspect of your company blog is the fact that it will naturally attract links on its own. Your company blog becomes a link magnet because every new addition or post you make is featured on your blog home page. You have industry specific content with highly targeted and relevant keywords available to everyone that reads or has bookmarked your page or receives the RSS feeds. Particularly bloggers in the same industry will pick up your news and link to any parts they consider of interest – and so the link proliferation begins.

Of course the following links will be helping our website: Joomla, CMS, Web Design, SEO Services, Kassensoftware and eCommerce. 🙂

Remember, anyone that links to you is creating a connection to your site that is focused on your products and services. More than likely they are in the same area of the industry. Theme relevant links are the cream of ‘Powerful Linking’.

Setting up a blog requires very few resources. Open source solutions are available and simple to use. You can in essence have a blog up and running within a few hours. Of course, careful planning and intelligent content is required to get the most out of your blog. Finding a web development company that will setup your blog for you is not difficult.

Once your blog is installed and running all you need to do is post new and interesting information… as often as you wish.. daily if possible.
You need no technical skills to run a blog and all blog management is browser based. A good place to get started could be WordPress.

A Company Blog is the fastest way to increase your company website’s link popularity and Google PageRank. A good example is this German blog that was initiated to increase traffic to the core corporate site. See Kassensystemen auf der Spur.

Whatever you have been able to glean from this post, remember the most important thing of all:
“Search engines love fresh new content”! Meet Vanessa and Bertha


Posted by Chris Szabo, MD of Navega Bem Web Design on Madeira island.