DENIS DE LUCA – Filmmaker

Denis de Luca - Filmmaker

Denis has been in the communications field for over 15 years. During that time he has created a great deal of videos of the widest range, with professionalism, resourcefulness, and dynamics, including: advertising, television, documentaries, musical film clips, special events, and wedding films.

What has remained unchanged over time is the passion for this work, and this is the the true reason Denis believes he is able to make each film unique, keeping a proper balance between the style of the client and his own creative approach.

“I create films for television, internet channels, television advertising, corporate events, documentaries, ceremonies, special events and any type of audio-visual product”

Visit the new website at:

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Learn The Recent Updates of Google Adwords For Your PPC Strategies

Google AdWordsDue to the recent Adwords changes, it may become a challenge for you to become successful, with your PPC campaigns. So, you should be updated about the recent changes of the Google Adwords.

Here are some of the enhancements Google has changed with the Adwords features.

# Ad extensions: If you are continuing with some PPC campaigns, you can use the extension features. Generally, it comes in the structure of links that can be used within your ad in the campaigns. For using the extensions, there are no additional costs involved and your click through rates can easily be boosted up. Though the extensions cannot guarantee a display of your ads, if they are integrated into the algorithm, you can provide the ratings, reviews, phone numbers, links, etc., to the users.

# Extensions of price – The price extension feature of the Adwords may be used not only for showing the prices, but also for several other reasons. This feature will help you in showing specific services and products depending on the prices. The users will be provided access for viewing the products and even procure by clicking through your website.

# Feature of expanded text ads – The ads will now appear more and more organic in nature. Earlier, the advertisers were bound within the heading of 25 characters and the description of 35 characters. But, with this new feature, the headline can be up to 30 characters, with the description line of 80 characters. If you are confused about the heading or the description texts, you can always consult Sand Crest SEO for their affordable services.

# Text extensions of SMS – The mobile users could directly call from the phone number showed in the ads. Similar to this feature, they will now be able to reach you through text messages. If the prospective customers do have some queries or quick questions, they can easily reach you through the SMS extension features.

# Review extension feature – Though this feature is not entirely new, it will help in showing the star ratings of your ad campaigns. The reviews can now be calculated as percentages. Depending on the third party review sites, you can measure the percentages when users rate your business. If you are using the Trusted Store of Google, this feature of review extensions can be displayed with your ad.

If you can adopt the changes, your ads can become more impactful, as well as, engaging to the viewers. With the improvements in the extensions and the inclusion of additional characters, the PPC campaigns can now become more successful. Though the need of ad removing feature is still being felt by the advertisers, the new helpful features can really shine in the PPC industry for a long-term period. You can really tone up your PPC campaigns by embracing the current changes.

Author Bio: David Michael is a PPC expert who works with Sand Crest SEO. In this article, he is talking about the recent feature updates in the Google Adwords.

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Trends in Web Design to Watch Out for in 2017

Web Design Trends in 2017

Every year there is an attempt by the web design industry to innovate in order to remain inspiring and relevant. It is quite likely that this year AI-powered chat bots, Virtual Reality, and immersive technique of storytelling will become popular and leave their distinctive marks on the industry. The trends explored in detail:


Virtual Reality and 360º Video

Even though VR created a major buzz last year in the gaming industry, the trend hasn’t appeared to make much of an impact on web design so far. However, for those unimpressed with VR’s potential, the promo campaign of Peugeot 208 is a real eye-opener; check out how virtual reality and 360º video have been incorporated into the design of the site for an interactive experience that is really breathtaking. While the Daydream VR headset from Google leads the pack, products from other players like Sony, Microsoft, and HTC are vying for attention too. Given the vast number of practical uses of VR, it is natural to expect it to be adopted by web designers too very soon in larger numbers.


Card Design and Grid Layouts

Ever since card design was made popular by Pinterest, it has been incorporated into web design quite a lot and it is expected that we shall see much more of it this year. The reason why cards are so much favored by web designers is because they are conceptually simple, flexible, and responsive as well as capable of being organized well. You can expect a number of variations of the card design to be seen this year. On the other hand, grid layouts have found ready acceptance on web pages that have a large amount of data because the information can not only be made more accessible but the presentation can be more attractive too. You can see some outstanding examples of card design at


Bots Powered By AI

Even though bots are unlikely to have a significant impact on web design, they may very well end up influencing the way web designers think about site creation. The real difference that bots powered by AI will make will be in the area of communication automation and sales. Online businesses will be able to communicate far better using messaging platforms and thus provide a greater degree of customization to their customer support. The launch of bots for Facebook’s Messenger has already been appreciated by a huge number of online businesses for the ease it gives them to customize their customer communications via Facebook.


Authentic High-Quality Photography

The use of stock photography by web designers, while being convenient and quick, can drive down the credibility and trust that is so vital for business websites. One can understand the use of stock photographs in an era where high-quality authentic photographs were scarce but with the scenario today having changed so radically with a large number of photography sites, accessing good photographs is easier than ever before. Quite expectedly, we will see far less use of stock photography this year in web design. In stark contrast to posed and polished photographs, there is a rapidly-growing demand for photographs that look natural and relevant to the customers.


Pre-Built Websites

The world of web design is forever feverishly paced and consequently, there is a huge demand for pre-built websites that allow web designers to work much faster and efficiently than before. Not only do pre-built sites provide a tested and robust base for creating working prototypes quickly but also eliminate the hassle of coding and act as an excellent tool for conceptual design.



This year web designers are likely to focus on trends that either make their work easier and faster or lend a better look and feel to their websites so that customers feel compelled to spend more time and engage in sales conversions more than before.


Author bio: Henry Lewis is a senior web design consultant working at With some truly outstanding work involving web design innovations, Henry has earned the reputation of being one of the stars in this highly-competitive industry.

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Rodavante Rent a Car – Madeira Island – Website launch

Rodavante Rent a Car

RODAVANTE is a highly experienced company specialised in car rentals in Madeira Island, Porto Santo and Lisbon. We offer ‘with driver’ or ‘without driver’ services. The Headquarters are located in the beautiful city of Funchal.

The RODAVANTE car fleet encompasses the necessities of the most demanding customers, with modern vehicles in excellent condition which is always followed up with expert assistance.

The fleet consists of 5-seater and 5-door utility vehicles, which are the most requested by their customers. They also have automatic vehicles, cabriolets, 7 and 9-passenger vans as well as other top brand vehicles.

RODAVANTE have now launched their new website which contains all the information necessary to allow clients to make a fully informed buying decision and book their cars online 24/7.

The site was developed by Madeira Island’s leading web design and digital marketing company Navega Bem.

Chris Szabo, Marketing Director of Navega Bem explained; “This is a fully responsive solution that will allow RODAVANTE to reach customers on their smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. The site which is available in two languages presents the company in a new and attractive manner.
An important step in developing this new website was the SEO work developed in the background, this allowed us to guarantee that our client will have an excellent Google ranking.”

Visit the new RODAVANTE Rent a Car website here.
To learn more about quality professional websites that work on all devices visit Navega Bem Web Design.

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