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Turn your website visitors into paying guests...

We work closely with you to create a high quality hotel web site that is custom designed and reflects the best possible solution for your requirements.
Our focus is trained on getting the maximum possible number of visitors to your site, connecting with them and converting their visit into a hotel reservation.

Hotel Website Portfolio

How Clever does a hotel website have to be?

hot Does your hotel website do any of the following?
hot Adapts to display on all devices from a single source of content...
hot Talk to the Search Engines in a very positive way...
hot Effectively communicate with your guests in multiple languages...
hot Allow you to easily manage the site content without the help of a web design agency...
hot Show you how many visitors you had, where they came from and what they looked at...
hot Take lots of reservations online without paying a slice to others...

To be effective in today’s competitive online arena, a hotel website must be very 'clever' indeed. Developing smart hotel websites is our speciality. It's something we have been doing since the 90's.

We now create multilingual hotel websites that are device independent, allowing them to adapt and display in a user friendly way on any device from a large flatscreen TV to a small smartphone.

In the article pictured below from the Joomla! Community Magazine you can read a report about Navega Bem and Building Multilingual Hotel Websites.


Looking for a fully featured hotel booking engine solution?

Reslogik is the new and fully featured Hotel Booking Engine solution developed to simplify property management and convert your website visitors into paying guests at a much lower cost.

Reslogik - Hotel Booking Engine solution

Don't become a prisoner of a proprietary CMS!!

If your Hotel contracts a professional hotel website developer such as 'Navega Bem' using the Joomla! CMS framework, you are building on an open source platform that does not tie you to any one design company, developer or to a proprietary, closed application.

You own your site and can develop it with anyone you choose. This is of huge importance if things begin to go wrong with your current design company or booking engine supplier. Don't become imprisoned in a CMS software you can't get out of. Be smart - insist on Joomla!

Is Google becoming your best friend - or worst nightmare?

More than 93% of travelers who use the internet to find a hotel or plan their holiday begin their pursuit in a search engine such as Google.
The number of potential guests that actually do visit your website depends on where your website appears in the Search Results. The higher up you are on the list, the more visitors will come to your website.

Remember, it doesn't matter how attractive your web site is. If it can't be found in the search engines - it has no value at all.

At 'Navega Bem' we know all about search engines (particularly Google) and how they prioritise and rank sites. We know what they want to see and we also know what they will penalise or perhaps even ban you from their listings for. We know how to take the best advantage of Social Media networking sites such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest or Linked-in.
We'll even show you how to run a successful Google AdWords campaign.

Professional Hotel web design and development services

Whether you are starting from scratch or you need to redesign you current hotel web site, we will provide a clean, professional design to ensure attention getting results. Each of our designs is unique and crafted for the purpose of setting you apart from your competitors.

Your responsive hotel web site will be built to the latest W3C standards, making sure it is compatible with all the different web browsers and of equal importance; user and search engine friendly. Navega Bem is at the heart of many successful websites.

What about multi-lingual hotel web sites?

Probably one of the biggest advantages of our CMS solution is its ability to run multi-lingual web sites - and there is only one 'back office' to manage it all! Joomla recognises a users browser language and automatically displays the site in that language if it is available. Of course users may switch to other languages manually as they wish.

Read more about 'Hotel websites that make money without paying commissions'.

See some of the fine Hotel websites we have developed here in our CMS Hotel Portfolio.