Madeira Sidecar Tours makes exploring the island a whole new experience

Madeira Sidecar Tours

Madeira Sidecar Tours’ was created to make your visit to Madeira island even more unforgettable and totally enriching.

The concept of Madeira Sidecar Tours is founded on the classic URAL motorcycles which are world renowned for their tough, rugged and highly reliable durability. The motorcycles with attached car allow for a trip with upto three passengers – two on the bike and one in the sidecar.

The cycles are very safe and comply with all the European Community safety regulations. Furthermore, they’re not fast vehicles: they are built for pleasant cruising, not for high-speed driving.

With an experienced and licensed guide to drive the sidecar rig, you can enjoy an exciting and exhilarating trip to all parts of the island – without having to worry about driving, maps, GPS, queues to buy tickets, group visits or long walks.

The new website has been lovingly crafted by Navega Bem – Web Design. A highly experienced digital marketing and web development company, also based on Madeira island.

Chris Szabo, Marketing and Creative Director explained “We have developed the site using the Joomla! CMS framework. This highly flexible software gives us total control over every aspect of the site and allows the site owner to manage the site without any outside help.”

Madeira Sidecar Tours is a multilingual site that also adapts to display on any device. No Apps are necessary to be able to view and use the site on tablets or other mobile devices. Using Joomla and our SEO experience we can very quickly ensure that the site begins to perform well in the search engines and ultimately brings traffic and business to the company.”

Visit the new Madeira Sidecar Tours website here:

To learn more about professional CMS websites that you can manage by yourself, visit Navega Bem – Web Design.

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Translating and Interpreting Service in Hamburg launches new site

Translating and interpreting service Arabic-German

Samir Faltas translation services interpret and translate for you into all the languages of the Middle East as well as African and Asian languages.
As CEO of the Language medium Niedersachsen / Hamburg they offer you individual translations and interpreting services. 

Their translation services are handled quickly and professionally. They operate in many different sectors and do translations both in the technical as well as in the legal fields. In the medical industry we implement the monitoring and care of patients.

The site has ben developed by Joomla CMS Professionals Navega Bem – Web Design based on Madeira island, Portugal.
Pestana Nobrega, software engineer explained “We have developed the site using the Joomla! CMS  framework. This particular solution gives us total flexibility to create the site the way it was designed and will allow the owner to manage the site without any requirement to have knowledge about programming or HTML.”

“The site is multilingual and is presented in German and Arabic. English will follow at a later date. We have also made the site fully ‘responsive‘ – so it will adapt to display on all devices in a very user friendly manner.”

Visit the new Samir Faltas website at:

To learn more about Joomla CMS website solutions visit Navega Bem – Web Design.

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Holiday Apartment Rentals for Wengen in Switzerland

Wengen Holiday Apartment Rentals

Swiss Maid Services offer a wide range of holiday apartments from which you are sure to find the perfect accommodation to suit your needs. Their portfolio ranges from charming, cosy flats for the budget-conscious guest, to high-end luxurious ski-in, ski-out properties – all located in the picturesque village of Wengen in the Swiss Alps.

Swiss Maid Services have now launched their new ‘Wengen Holiday Rental Portal‘ which has been developed by CMS specialists ‘Navega Bem – Web Design‘.
The digital marketing company which is based on Madeira island, Portugal – have developed the site around the highly successful open source CMS framework Joomla!

Chris Szabo, Creative Director explained “Joomla! is the perfect choice for this type of project. It allows the site owner to very easily manage the site content without having to understand any programming or HTML. Swiss Maid Services can at any time login to the site and add, edit or delete properties from their portfolio.”

“Of particular value is the fact that Joomla! supports responsive site development and therefore this portal will adapt to display on any device in a user friendly manner. No Apps are necessary to be able to view and use the site on tablets or other mobile devices.”

Julie Doyle, Founder of Swiss Maid Services, has been a resident of Wengen for the past 24 years and has been renting out apartment properties for the past 10 years.

With a background in hospitality, extensive local knowledge and experience, as well as a commitment to superb customer service, Julie and her team are sure they can make your stay in Wengen a very special one. They are happy to make recommendations and suggestions about local activities, or assist with local arrangements.

Visit the new ‘Wengen Holiday Rental Portal‘ here.

To learn more about professional Joomla! CMS Property and Holiday Rental websites visit Navega Bem – Web Design.

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Site launch for GoldenBook – The essential guides to Portugal

GoldenBook - Essential guides to Portugal

GOLDENBOOK is the essential guide to Portugal’s five most popular destinations. There is a different edition for each region: Algarve, Lisbon, Madeira, Cascais, Estoril & Sintra, Oporto & Northern Region.
You can find GOLDENBOOK in the bedrooms of the 4 and 5 star hotels and luxury resorts in all these places.

Each separate edition of GOLDENBOOK provides an overall picture of its region including a carefully selected choice of shops, restaurants, nightlife, sports, leisure and other services.

The new website has been developed by Navega Bem – Web Design and is built around the Joomla! CMS framework.
Web Designer Marta Garcês explained “We were very pleased to have been once again invited to develop the new GoldenBook website.
We chose Joomla! 3 for this particular project and it allowed us to take advantage of the new image and link features.
The GoldenBook staff can now manage the complete site without external help or any real need to have knowledge of programming or HTML.”

“The site is fully ‘responsive‘ and will adapt to display on any device in a user friendly manner. So there is no requirement for any additional Apps.
We have incorporated a Flipping Book that allows site visitors to flip through the GoldenBook guides and this has helped make the site a very enjoyable experience.”

Follow this link to see the new GoldenBook website.

To learn more about ‘responsive‘ CMS websites visit Navega Bem – Web Design.

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Madeira Exotica

Delicious Exotic Fruits from the Madeira islands

Madeira Exotica

Madeira Exótica is the trademark of the company Vieira & Vicente Lda.
Based on the core values of openness, honesty and trust – Madeira Exótica is dedicated to the export of delicious quality exotic fruits from the islands of Madeira to the rest of the World.

The new website Madeira Exótica was developed by Joomla! CMS specialists Navega Bem – Web Design, also located in Madeira.
Miguel Luis, software engineer explained “The site has been created around the latest version of Joomla 3.2. The multilingual site which has been beautifully designed is fully ‘responsive‘ and will adapt to display on any device.”

“We are very excited about the way Joomla! has improved over the years and how functional it has become. Much like the original iPhone which has now become a truly amazing device, Joomla! is very much the CMS of choice for 99% of our projects.”

To learn more about beautiful ‘responsive’ CMS websites follow this link.

To visit the new Madeira Exótica website goto this link:

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Madeira Private Taxi Services

Madeira Private Taxi Services site launch

Madeira Private Taxi Services

On the beautiful Portuguese island of Madeira, VIP certified Driver- Guide  Terry Ladeira operates the highly professional taxi company ‘Madeira Private Taxi Services‘.
Terry invites you to join him for a journey that offers great flexibility, comfort and convenience.

Terry will to take you to any destination. He will show you some of Madeira’s greatest sights, providing you with wonderful memories of the magnificent island. His aim is to provide you with a fantastic day out and an unforgettable tour.

Madeira Private Taxi Services‘ have now launched their new website to offer island visitors the opportunity to arrange their travel requirements online before they arrive on Madeira.

Not only can you arrange Madeira Airport Transfers or island Tours, but also Funchal city tours, Cruise liner pickups, Reid’s Afternoon Tea, special occasion dinner pickup, business trips and Golf pick ups.

The new site has been designed and developed by Joomla CMS Professionals Navega Bem – Web Design, who are also located on Madeira island.

Marta Sofia Garçês, web designer explained “The site has developed around the Joomla CMS platform and therefore allows Terry to manage the site all by himself without having to know anything about programming or HTML. Additionally, the site is fully responsive and will therefore adapt to display on any device, be it your widescreen LCD TV or your iPhone in a user friendly manner.
So basically, a website that will work everywhere on any device.”

Visit Madeira Private Taxi Services here.

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Hotel Aqua Natura - Madeira island

New Madeira island hotel ‘Aqua Natura’ website launch

Hotel Aqua Natura - Madeira island

Opening on the 1st April 2014, the ‘Aqua Natura‘ hotel will be opened to the public.

This unique Hotel on Madeira Island is situated in the cosy and picturesque village of Porto Moniz, known to be the ex-libris of the North side of Archipelago.

Facing the natural swimming pools (listed has one of the 14 world´s most amazing Swimming pools), the Aqua Natura Madeira Hotel offers a brand new concept of Hotel, combining the comfort and sophistication of a Four-Star accommodation, with one of the most breathtaking sceneries on the island.

The Hotel offers a prime location of singular beauty and will provide its guests with brand new facilities such as a solarium area equipped with Jacuzzi and sauna that offers a splendid view over the imposing rock formations of the sea of Porto Moniz. A Restaurant (with panoramic Sea View); Gym; Massage Service; Gardens, and a Diving Centre.

The Aqua Natura Madeira Hotel will feature 22 Double Rooms and 3 Suites.
All of the Rooms have dazzling views over the Atlantic Ocean, especially spacious, comfortable and elegantly decorated with modern furniture and soothing colours.

The site has been developed by Hotel Website specialists ‘Navega Bem – Web Design‘.
Joana Araújo, software engineer with Navega Bem explained “We have carefully crafted the site using the Joomla! CMS platform. The site is totally ‘responsive‘ and adapts to display on any device in a user friendly manner. This will allow potential hotel guests to browse the website on their smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.”

“Our focus will now be on ensuring that the site appears in the most favourable positions in the search engines. Something we are also particularly expert at :)”

Click here to learn more about ‘responsive’ CMS websites that you van manage yourself.

To visit the new ‘Aqua Natura’ website follow this link.

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