If your business depends on your website it must be responsive

Responsive web design from Navega Bem

If your company doesn’t have a responsive web site today, then you may have a serious problem.

Of course if you have a mobile app that your potential clients can use, then you are safe. But if you don’t have an app and you think your ageing web site is adequate then you may want to read the following very carefully.

Just a year ago perhaps 30% of your potential customers were using tablets or smartphones to at least try and view your website. That’s not very easy to do because older websites are difficult to view and navigate. Constantly zooming in and out and finding links to other pages is really user unfriendly. And the smaller the device the bigger a pain that becomes.

Today more than 58% of consumers accessing the internet do so on a mobile device. That means everything has changed about what your website was developed for. Today you absolutely require a ‘responsive‘ website.
You should also be aware that more technology is on the way such as emerging mobile devices like Smartwatches.

So what is a responsive website? –Well, a responsive website will adapt to display gracefully on desktop computers, tablets, smartphones and other devices.  A responsive website looks great and is user friendly no matter whether you’re looking at it on a phone, tablet, or desktop.

Having a responsive website gives you a great advantage because you only need update your website from one single place and you don’t present your potential customers with the obstacle of having to download an app.

There is simply no better option available for creating a cost effective, user friendly website that works everywhere – especially because you don’t know what new devices are around the corner or what size and resolution they will be.

Contact us at Navega Bem Web Design or request a proposal to learn more about our highly affordable ‘responsive’ websites that are developed around the Joomla CMS framework. Sites that you can manage yourself – without technical knowhow.

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Europe’s Leading Design Hotel – The Vine

Hotel the Vine - Madeira

World Travel Awards Winner ‘The Vine’ has launched its new website amid a flurry of activity that saw major events unfolding at this amazing design hotel located in the heart of the capital city Funchal on Madeira island.

A blend of international mastery and local knowledge are well expressed in the building architecture by Ricardo Bofill and João Francisco Caires, creatively “bottled” by the local interior designer Nini Andrade Silva.

Christmas and New Year festivities interlaced with the full occupancy and the much sought after dining tables in the restaurants left the site launch discreetly tucked away in the background. But launch it did and is now available to take reservations online. Make sure you book your stay in the Vine hotel in plenty of time to avoid disappointment!

The attractive website was created by the professional Hotel Website Design and Development Agency Navega Bem.
Creative Director Chris Szabo explained “Inspired by the centenary tradition of the island famous vineyards and artisan fortified wines, this hotel tells you a story about soil, pebbles, rain, sunshine and shadows all in perfect balance, just like an exceptional wine.”

“The creative process to reflect the wonderful concept of the hotel was initially quite radical and we spent considerable time sculpting the user interface to immerse visitors into a virtual experience identical to a physical stay.
Towards the end of the design phase we did tone things down subtly in order to create a yearning for the real experience.”

“The site has been developed around the Joomla! CMS framework and is fully ‘responsive’, meaning that the website will adapt to display on any device in a user friendly manner. Additionally, as it is a ‘Content Management System‘ the Vine hotel staff can fully manage their website without any outside help. Of course we are always there to support them if they require additional functionality.”

Visit the award winning Madeira island design hotel ‘the Vine’ here.

To learn more about professional Hotel Website Design and development visit Navega Bem here.

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Madeira on Travel present their new website

Madeira on Travel

Madeira on Travel is a company focused on tourism and its main objective to provide a service of different tourist activities of high quality at attractive prices within Madeira Island, the Pearl of the Atlantic .
Run by a young and ambitious team, motivated and dedicated to providing their clients with an enjoyable visit to Madeira.

Madeira on Travel offers a full range services for tourists visiting Madeira. Activities that allow visitors to really get to know this little corner of the earth which is full of natural beauty – from the ocean to the mountains.
Transfers to and from the airport, tours throughout the island, with predefined or customised routes as well as boat trips around the coast to observe whale and dolphins are the activities you can book before you even leave home for the journey to Madeira.

The Madeira On Travel website has been developed by Navega Bem Web Design which is also located on the island of Madeira.

Chris Szabo, the Creative Director of Navega Bem, explained to us that “Madeira on Travel was looking for a company to develop their site and with us found the ideal partner given our experience in tourism and hospitality. ”

“We have been developing professional websites for many years with the Content Management System (CMS) Joomla! This CMS allows the Madeira On Travel team to quickly update and easily manage all the content of the site without having to resort to us or any other external support, therefore saving a lot of time and financial resources.”

“Given that a large percentage of today’s travellers use mobile devices to access the Internet to book trips and tourist activities, it has become essential for websites to be to be ‘responsive’. This means a website will adapt to display on any device in a user friendly manner. The result is an attractive and easy to navigate website that will captivate visitors and create reservations.”

Meet the company that offers tourist activities from arrival in Madera until departure – Madeira On Travel.

Meet the company that develops websites easy to manage and fully responsive websites – Navega Bem Web Design.

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The leading agency for quality Real Estate in Cyprus

Cyprus Property Specialists

Market leaders for property in Cyprus and certainly specialists for Real Estate in Paphos; Fitzgerald Marketing  have launched their new property portal.
The site is available in 3 languages; English, Russian and Chinese.

Fitzgerald Marketing pride themselves on being different in many positive ways. They are a property marketing firm, totally independent and market leaders in the  re-sale property market.

Their comprehensive industry knowledge, re-sale market expertise and powerful internet presence give their clients a really competitive edge when buying or selling property.

The new online presence has been created for international property markets and was developed by Navega Bem – Portugal.
Pestana Nobrega, site developer explained “We have developed the site around the world’s leading CMS platform Joomla! This amazing software allows our clients to manage their websites totally independent of any third parties.”

“The site is fully responsive and will adapt to display on any device in a user friendly manner.”

To learn more about Fitzgerald Marketing visit their new property portal here.

To learn more about multi-lingual CMS property websites visit Navega Bem.


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The gift you want to give but never want to receive

Gift the Truth

giftthetruth is the new and highly controversial website that will certainly affect many peoples lives in one way or another.
How often have you yourself wished you get the truth from someone but never had the means to do so?

giftthetruth is a unique new concept that will provoke an immediate reaction from anyone that is confronted with the instantly downloadable polygraph certificate.

Polygraph Certificate

Sometimes people need greater courage to seek the truth than the determination of the person deceiving them – giftthetruth gives them the opportunity to come clean and admit to their deceptions.

If a relationship has any chance of being saved then it needs a solid foundation and that can only happen when trust is re-established – partners have to be completely honest with each other.

giftthetruth is organizing a network of certified Polygraph test centres across the USA and Europe. All examiners are members of their respective Polygraph Associations. For an amazingly low one time subscription fee site visitors get to gift a ‘Polygraph Certificate’ to any one person of their choosing.

Visit the new site at giftthetruth and join in the discussion area with your views on this controversial new concept.

The site has been developed by web design professionals ‘Navega Bem‘ and is crafted around the Joomla CMS platform.

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Holiday Exclusive – Luxury Holiday Rentals

luxury holiday rentals for an exclusive vacation

Holiday Exclusive‘  is your partner for individual and exclusive holiday rentals on the most beautiful places in the world.

With many years of experience in the area of individual and exclusive holiday planning, ‘holiday-exclusive’ specialises in the brokerage of premium Real Estate properties to clients with the highest expectations and demands.

The ‘Holiday Exclusive‘ – team consists of committed and experienced personnel with a passion for quality and dedicated to finding you the most exclusive properties.

No matter at which time of the year you want to take a break from your daily routine – summer by the sea, winter in the mountains or a city trip during Christmas time – at ‘Holiday Exclusive‘ you will find luxurious and comfortable villas, fincas, chalets, apartments or hotels, all in accordance with your wishes.
Rent your exclusive holiday residence in Mallorca or Ibiza, in Greece, Italy, France, Croatia, Austria or Switzerland.

The holiday rentals portal has been developed by Navega Bem – Web Design located on Madeira island, Portugal. The company is highly experienced is developing quality Real Estate and Holiday Rentals websites.
The digital marketing company which is based on Madeira island, Portugal – have developed the site around the highly successful open source CMS framework Joomla!

Chris Szabo, Creative Director explained “Joomla! is the perfect choice for this type of project. It allows the site owner to very easily manage the portal content without having to understand any programming or HTML. ‘Holiday Exclusive’ can at any time login to the site and add, edit or delete properties from their portfolio.”

“Of particular value is the fact that Joomla! supports responsive site development and therefore this portal will adapt to display on any device in a user friendly manner. No Apps are necessary to be able to view and use the site on tablets or other mobile devices.”

Visit the new luxury property portal at ‘Holiday Exclusive‘.

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CMS Real Estate Extension for Joomla! now available

CMS Real Estate component for Joomla 3

Running a Joomla! 3 website and you need a Professional Real Estate component?

CMS Real Estate is now available as a standalone extension and gives you the power to create a professional Property website for 10 or 10.000 properties.

The fully responsive CMS Real Estate component has been developed by the same team that has created complete Property sites for agencies all over the world.
Navega Bem Web Design is based on Madeira island, Portugal and have been developing complete, ready to launch property websites since 2006. They have now given in to peer pressure to release their highly functional component to other developers and property agencies.

CMS Real Estate is available with full support and updates – or as a FREE component which is fully functional but limited to 10 properties.

See the DEMO – download the FREE component or subscribe to the Silver, Platinum or Gold version. OR ask Navega Bem to develop a complete site for you with unique design and initial SEO.

You can also visit the The Joomla! Extensions Directory to learn more about CMS Real Estate component.

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