Importance of Online Marketing Strategies

Online Marketing Strategies

Developing an online marketing strategy requires a plan. Without being strategic, it becomes difficult for companies to use digital media effectively. If you want to embark on a strategy, an important step is to evaluate your business issues according to the ones that are most important.


Lack of an online marketing strategy compromises your ability to set goals for broadening your customer base and retaining the customers that you have. Without goals, you will be unable to allocate resources efficiently and determine whether or not you are making progress.

Online Market Information

Being aware of your share of the online market requires you to invest adequate resources in marketing. Marketing enables you to gain insight into the market, customers, shopping behavior and competition among other factors. If you do not have a strategic approach and your online marketing strategies are not well defined, you may end up falling behind your competitors as they implement their strategies.

Analogue to Digital

With the rapid shift from analogue to digital, more people are looking for online content every day on their mobile devices. Companies which are not aware of this trend need to adapt accordingly. Online marketing is important because of the integral role it plays in the current marketing industry and has taken over from conventional marketing options.

New Technologies

Online forms of communication provide more speed, versatility and structure. Advancements in technology have contributed to the rapid acceptance of digital communication. Online marketing is executed in a variety of ways, including websites, content, blogging, social media and mobile.

Although traditional media is still highly relevant, technology has made the web more accessible. A company that sets up an online marketing strategy is able to keep up with technological advancements and tech savvy competitors.

Cost Effective

Online marketing provides one of the most affordable ways for businesses to promote their products and services. It usually costs much less to set up a website and strengthen online presence with marketing strategies such as social media marketing in comparison to traditional marketing.

It provides a cost effective alternative to traditional marketing solutions. Social networking campaigns, for example, have the potential to send out marketing messages to several consumers at a much lower cost than an offline marketing campaign.

Tracking and Monitoring

Handling your marketing efforts online makes it easier to track and monitor your progress. Instead of carrying out costly market research, real time viewing of how your customers respond and measuring campaign success can help you work out your next strategy.

Wider Reach

  • Including online marketing in your overall strategy gives you access to the high percentage of people who go online on a daily basis. A business that does not adopt the changing marketing environment will find it harder to thrive in the midst of online and socially savvy competitors.
  • The internet has allowed businesses to have a wider reach on a global scale. The cost of using conventional or offline media typically restricts this level of reach with established businesses dominating traditional marketing.
  • Online marketing opens new doors of opportunities for smaller businesses that have tighter budgets so that they can reach out to more customers around the world.
  • Online marketing enables marketers to access their customers in a variety of ways while providing more products or services to them. As technology continues to advance, the ability to reach customers is likely to grow.

More Interaction

Conventional marketing techniques are associated with a one way mode of spreading the message about brands while online marketing encourages interaction. Increased interactivity makes it possible for companies to get responses from consumers and be more adaptive.

Database services are available to ease database management to get applications to market faster. Certified and skilled DBAs design infrastructure according to your requirements to ensure optimal performance of your applications. Specializing in various types of databases provides expertise and timely solutions. With expert database management, you will have more time for other functions that will improve your business.

Faster Impact

Online marketing has the ability to make a direct and faster impact. It makes it possible to move from viewing products to purchasing them quickly. With the click of a button you can make bookings to try out products or order the latest device on the market. Such acquisitions can be made regardless of the time or location and enables business to function on a 24 hour basis. The internet speeds up the buying process and yields faster returns for businesses.

Increase Awareness and Convenience

Starting an online marketing campaign helps you increase awareness for your brand. While online, visiting sites and searching for products, customers get the chance to find you and what you offer. More and more consumers prefer to make their purchases online. This is attributed to factors such as hectic schedules and the convenience of being able to get what you need online. A business owner needs to take advantage of the increase in online purchases by making it possible for customers to instantly access what they need.

Traffic and Sales

Using high quality content or social networking as marketing techniques can drive more traffic to your site. An increase in the number of users who visit your site increases the prospect of sales. It also generates more interest in your business.

Enabling your customers to buy what they want online instead of limiting them to being physically present at your business premises will increase impulse purchases. This will boost profitability for your business and make your marketing efforts worthwhile.


Busy lifestyles can influence whether or not customers are able to go shopping within the usual business hours. Online marketing strategies give customers the option of going online to find what they need regardless of where they may be or what time it is.

Customized Strategies and Ongoing Communication

Marketing online enables companies to customize their messages according to the target market. The strategies help you structure your promotions in ways that will make the target audience receptive. Effective online marketing campaigns incorporate ways for consumers to keep in touch with the business. Through resources such as subscriptions, consumers can be kept aware of any new developments or products in future after they make their purchases.


A strong online presence is essential for any successful business. Online marketing helps improve your online visibility and gives customers access to your company all day, every day. Channeling your time and resources towards online marketing will boost credibility, sales and overall success.


William Damon is a business owner and digital marketer. He has written for various publications. To find out more about database services, click here.

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5 Proven Tips That Will Help Increase Your Email Marketing Conversion Rate By Large Margins

Increase Marketing Conversion

No doubt the internet is the great equalizer of all time. As a business owner or content publisher, you can get your product or content out to the world within no time at all. The process has been simplified further by eliminating the learning curve necessary for setting up a website, thanks to the great profusion of Content Management Systems, CMSs and the free hosting that they afford you.

You can effectively be up and running with a website in an hour or less and have eyeballs enjoying and interacting with your content in no time at all. However, in this opportunity, therein lies the challenge. The fact that you and I can set up a website in zero time, all offering to sell the same content (product), to the same audience, scattered all over the world, poses the challenge of ensuring that your message gets across to the intended audience and that they convert.

Top Rankings, Make Conversions

This means that if you want to make sure that your website is at the top of the rankings and that importantly (emphasis on importantly), it makes the users complete the desired action, be it signing up for a service, downloading content or making a purchase, you must go beyond the call of duty. Here are some statistics worth pondering about; 70% of all the website visitors never come back to the same website, ever again.

That means, statistically at least, that if you depend on your website as the sole avenue to make sales, then the numbers (profit) that you currently enjoy only represent a paltry 30% of the total potential converts that you would have had if only the other 70% would keep coming back to your website and purchase a product. You are losing out on 2. 3 (230%) times the turnover and sales, due to the bounce rate.

Engage Your Demographic

Now, as a prudent marketer or business owner, you can see quite clearly that you must put in place a mechanism that allows you to capture the details of these visitors who were interested enough to visit your website in the first place. If you can find a way of engaging this group, you would have hit the jackpot literally. The question is, how do you go about this process?

The answer is email marketing. You must use email marketing to engage the crowd that just has one brief fleeting look at your website and takes off. You must keep this demographic fully engaged and what better way to initiate this than to have a pop up plugin, which collects the emails of the people who were interested enough to visit your website, for follow up and for future marketing efforts.

The first step to achieving this is to make sure that you have a good opt in plugin (or widget) that will be designed in such a manner that all your website visitors will have an easy time signing up for future campaigns and relevant information from your website. There are some good options in terms of plugins that you can consider, but the favorite by far is optin monster .

Actionable Feedback

This piece of software is the first step to your email marketing campaign and it will offer you the following; forms templates, which will allow you to have it up and running within the shortest period of time. The beauty with this plugin is that you can integrate it with your email marketing service instantly. Thus, the feedback collected can be used immediately and actionably for the benefit of your website/business.

Well, now that you have your optin plugin set up, it is important that you begin your email marketing campaign in earnest and to this end you must use the services of an email marketing plugin. This email marketing software should be able to take care of the following for you; multiple forms for your campaign, email notifications, an easy way to style your forms and detailed reports and statistics.

Reporting and Statistics

The most important feature is the reporting and statistics, whichwill help you to make evidence-based, data driven decisions and to use the results to advance your marketing goals. Before we go to the tips and techniques useful to running a successful campaign, let us define the objective of the campaign to make sure that we are all on the same page.

An email marketing campaign, if well executed can achieve the following; boost sales, generate leads, strengthen relationships, increase website traffic and build brand loyalty.Here are a few proven tips which if well implemented will sure go a long way in helping you achieve your marketing goals.

  • Brainstorm – “A problem identified is a problem, half solved”. This means that 50% of the work is done the moment you can pin point the problem. In this case, narrow down on what you want to achieve according to the 5-part criteria set out in the paragraph above.
  • Know your target demographic–The moral of this is fairly simple, you could have the best message in the world, but if you do not narrow down on the target group of people, all your work will have been in vain. Target your marketing with criteria that will deliver you specific information that you will use for your analysis.
  • Design an engaging message–Imitation is the best form of flattery so the saying goes, but for our purposes, checking out what the competition is doing with their email marketing tactics, is a surefire way of knowing how to design your own campaign. To do this, all you have to do is to sign up for a few campaigns and use those as a template to work your way up.
  • Choose the right delivery format–Having settled on the message that you want to deliver to the world, you then must choose for the channel best suited for this work. Employ rich media,which includes audio, visual and animation, as this has been proven to enhance engagement.
  • Seek out metrics – The best thing about digital information is the fact that you can measure the engagement and impact it has had on the target audience in a variety of ways; trackable links, bounce rates and more. The end game is to use this information to refine your campaign and to ultimately find the perfect cocktail that works for you.

Author Bio

Derek Iwasiuk is a Social Media Marketing professional, based out of New York; he has been active for the past 14 years. He is an expert at crafting winning campaigns that engage the crowd for Fortune 50 and Blue Chip Wall Street Firms. You can also follow him on twitter @Diwasiuk

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Santo da Serra Golf launches new web portal

Clube de Golf Santo da Serra

Santo da Serra Golf, home of the Madeira Islands Open, has launched its new web site.

Clube de Golf Santo da Serra offers what is surely one of the most spectacular panoramas in all of The European Tour International Schedule and a premier golf and country club escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The new site presents all the services open to both members and visitors of the Golf course as well as the opportunity to host corporate events and celebrations. Online Tee bookings are available as well as comprehensive image galleries,videos and tournament reporting.

The site was developed by one of Portugal’s leading digital design companies – Navega Bem.

Chris Szabo, Marketing Director of Navega Bem explained; “This is a fully responsive solution that will allow Santo da Serra Golf to reach members on their smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. The site, shortly available in three languages presents the Golf Club in a new and attractive manner.
An important step in developing this new website was the SEO work developed in the background, this allowed us to guarantee that our client will have an excellent google ranking.”

“The multi-lingual responsive website was created using the Joomla platform and features sophisticated functionality that culminates in a very user friendly experience. We highly recommend Joomla as it requires almost no technical skill or knowledge to manage. So our clients are not tied to us and can manage the site easily themselves and there are no license fees.”

“Best of all, Joomla is an open source solution that is freely available to everyone. This in itself is a major advantage over proprietary CMS software because you are not tied to one single development company. If you want to change your web design company, you don’t have to redo your site. Equally important is that any security vulnerabilities are quickly identified and fixed.”

Visit the new Santo da Serra Golf website here.

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Want To Gain a Competitive Edge in the Market? Read This!

Gain a Competitive Edge in the Market

Thanks to the Internet, there are many online-based solutions for businesses. One of these is the Salesforce CRM. It is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) resource that is based in the Cloud. This means that it is accessible through a standard browser. This software assists businesses to give better sales service to customers. It also helps them to identify the personal preferences of every customer and increase the quality of customer service. Salesforce CRM also collects data about past interactions with customers. In this way, the business can improve future interactions and determine their purchase history. Information is power and the Salesforce CRM puts this power in the hands of businesses across the globe.

How is this accomplished?

The Salesforce CRM assists businesses to accomplish this using a number of tools. They are built into the software for you. They include: 

  1. The Marketing tool
  2. The WaveAnalytics tool
  3. The Community tool
  4. The Sales tool
  5. The App tool
  6. The Service tool
  7. The Internet of Things (IoT) tool

These tools are fleshed out in the Salesforce github. By utilizing this collection of tools, a business can promote the efficiency and effectiveness of current and future customer relationships.

The Sales tool

This is the main tool in the Salesforce CRM software. It is built specifically to optimize the sales team. It is capable of doing this by empowering them with information about the customers. Armed with data such as buying patterns and individual preferences, the sales team has a better chance of closing deals. Since Salesforce is based in the Cloud, the sales team can access it using their smartphones or their tablets. The Salesforce CRM actively increases their productivity and they are able to close more deals quickly and efficiently.

The Service tool

Customer service is a major aspect of modern business. By using the Salesforce CRM, your business can improve its customer service experience. This is accomplished using optimized self-service portals and improved call centers as well. The Salesforce CRM improves customer service and makes it more responsive, intuitive and flexible. By using the service tool, the staff at your company are capable of anticipating the needs and requirements of your customers and responding to them. In this way, the quality of customer service is improved.

The WaveAnalytics tool

The WaveAnalytics tool helps you to accumulate data about your customers. After that, it helps to analyze it so as to find out metrics about your customers. In this way, you are able to understand and relate with your market better. This tool is capable of combining various sets of data into one convenient location. This allows you to compile reports about your customers quickly.


Thousands of businesses across the world are experiencing the benefits of the Salesforce CRM. The software has tools that your business can use to optimize your customer relationships. By leveraging the tools available in this CRM, you can increase the quality of customer service and increase revenue too.


David Wicks is a Salesforce CRM trainer. For over five years, he has helped businesses around the world to integrate the Salesforce CRM into their business processes. In this way, they can optimize customer relationships and improve revenues too. Often quoted in the Salesforce github, David made a valuable contribution to this report.

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Hash Tag Strategies For Marketing In Instagram


Before using the hash tags in Instagram, you must know the proper usage of the hash tags. For the users who are just starting with the hash tags must know the background and uses of it.

Hash Tags : What Are They ? Hash tags are nothing but the group of words with the #sign. If you are used to technical jargon, you may also called metadata tag. It is a very effective way for engaging your brand within the market.

Background Of Hash Tags: These tags were at first introduced by a live chat messaging service known as the IRC( Internet Relay Chats) Initially they are named as the Tweet chats as they became popular from the Twitter.

Marketing Strategies Of Hash Tags: The marketing strategies of the hash tags can be divided into three major parts:

  • Strategies Through Content
  • Campaign Or Brand Specific
  • Trending Strategies

Strategies Through Content: You can use content hash tags within your posts. They may not be trending in nature, but they must be highly valuable to the users. They must be the simple hash tags which are relevant to your posts. For common content, you can use lifestyle, product, location, event which is related to your brand.

Brand Or Campaign Specific Hash Tags: For branding and promotions, you can use the hash tags specific to the brand and campaigns. The tagline of your company or the name of your company can be considered as the brand hash tags. Always create a hash tag which is relevant to your brand. Your brand must be your signature and you can use it in your hash tags.

Campaign hash tags are specific to your marketing campaigns. For example, you may be offering discounts in your store. For that short term promotion, you can use the hash tags like #saleatstore. This will help in increasing the Instagram followers.

Trending Hash Tags: The trending hash tags generally include the popular hash tags which are currently trending in nature. They are continuously changing in real time and you must update yourself with the changes. For example, you may research for the top trends and use them accordingly in your posts. Never post too many hash tags as it may appear to be spammy in nature, especially when they are not related to your business.

  • Now, how will you find the trending hash tags?

If you are socially connected with other social media platforms , you will easily understand the hash tags which are trending right now. Make sure that your Instagram account is connected with Facebook and Twitter. For example, you can obtain the top trends of Instagram from the Twitter feeds. You can also change your hash tags depending on the geographical location. You can also get some fresh ideas from the ‘Whats Hot’ Section of the Google Plus.

  • How To Use Trending Hash Tags?

After obtaining some trending hash tags, you must keep monitoring them. For example, if you require any changes in the content of the advertisement or marketing, you are required to change the hash tags also. Your hash tags must be relevant to your niche so that your post get visible only to the like-minded people like you.

So if you know the right usage of using the hash tags, you can definitely use them in your marketing strategies. Make sure you are uploading quality hash tags, keeping in mind the latest trend. You can also update latest posts which are specially related to your brand. The niche trending hash tags can help in connecting and developing the positive relationships within the target market.

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Introducing Marketing the Digital Way, Don’t Be Left Out

Digital Marketing

In today’s world, you can never go wrong if you go the digital way. I mean today almost everyone has a digital gadget and walks around or rather moves around with it. Talk of mobile phones, i-pads or even laptops, you name it! If you can challenge yourself and just stand aside to observe how many people are carrying laptop bags around you.

Others may consider this antisocial, but in the e-commerce world, this is the best way to go. If you have a business and are thinking of a way to reach you target audience, consider trying the digital marketing way. Also, visit and get to learn more about digital marketing and see the services offered as well.

Digital marketing is simply the idea of promoting or letting people know a certain brand, product or service that you may be offering using the internet on interfaces, such as Facebook, Twitter, emails or even YouTube.

Several reasons have been put forward to explain to you why you should consider marketing your brand digitally. Some of these reasons are:

  • Reach widely

Digital marketing ensures that your product or brand is known widely. I mean the internet is used by almost everyone all over the world.

  • It is the most effective form of advertising

Considering how many people use the internet on a daily basis, I bet you would agree with me. Take for example platforms like Twitter, when an item is trending, everyone gets to talk about it and have some concerns about it. Your product or brand being marketed will get to be known really fast!

  • In order to seek customers or rather clients for your service

This is in the case where your product or service is new in the market. You will definitely need to think of marketing it digitally. This will make it known to the people in general that your brand exists.

Besides these, digital marketing is also important in many aspects, some of which are:

  • It is easy to access

Considering the fact that many people use the internet at their own pleasure, they could come across your product or brand very easily. Digital marketing allows your audience to interact with your brand and get to ask any questions that they may need to.

The good thing about Digital marketing is that it has no partiality. Everyone and anyone can access your brand easily.

  • It is very effective

Communication is important between the consumers of your product and you as the owner of the brand. Responys Marketing Solutions will enable your company to develop a system whereby you can be in constant communication with your consumers. This could be through text messages or through emails.

  • Exposure of the brand to the target users

Digital marketing should be your first choice of marketing strategy, especially if your product or brand is new in the market. Once your target audience has seen it frequently, then they could decide to try it out.

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