Introducing Marketing the Digital Way, Don’t Be Left Out

Digital Marketing

In today’s world, you can never go wrong if you go the digital way. I mean today almost everyone has a digital gadget and walks around or rather moves around with it. Talk of mobile phones, i-pads or even laptops, you name it! If you can challenge yourself and just stand aside to observe how many people are carrying laptop bags around you.

Others may consider this antisocial, but in the e-commerce world, this is the best way to go. If you have a business and are thinking of a way to reach you target audience, consider trying the digital marketing way. Also, visit and get to learn more about digital marketing and see the services offered as well.

Digital marketing is simply the idea of promoting or letting people know a certain brand, product or service that you may be offering using the internet on interfaces, such as Facebook, Twitter, emails or even YouTube.

Several reasons have been put forward to explain to you why you should consider marketing your brand digitally. Some of these reasons are:

  • Reach widely

Digital marketing ensures that your product or brand is known widely. I mean the internet is used by almost everyone all over the world.

  • It is the most effective form of advertising

Considering how many people use the internet on a daily basis, I bet you would agree with me. Take for example platforms like Twitter, when an item is trending, everyone gets to talk about it and have some concerns about it. Your product or brand being marketed will get to be known really fast!

  • In order to seek customers or rather clients for your service

This is in the case where your product or service is new in the market. You will definitely need to think of marketing it digitally. This will make it known to the people in general that your brand exists.

Besides these, digital marketing is also important in many aspects, some of which are:

  • It is easy to access

Considering the fact that many people use the internet at their own pleasure, they could come across your product or brand very easily. Digital marketing allows your audience to interact with your brand and get to ask any questions that they may need to.

The good thing about Digital marketing is that it has no partiality. Everyone and anyone can access your brand easily.

  • It is very effective

Communication is important between the consumers of your product and you as the owner of the brand. Responys Marketing Solutions will enable your company to develop a system whereby you can be in constant communication with your consumers. This could be through text messages or through emails.

  • Exposure of the brand to the target users

Digital marketing should be your first choice of marketing strategy, especially if your product or brand is new in the market. Once your target audience has seen it frequently, then they could decide to try it out.

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Home Finance Guide and Real Estate Factors to Consider

Home Finance Guide

Home Finance Guide and Real Estate Factors to Consider

Purchasing a home is a thrilling opportunity but identifying the right property is only one of the critical steps during this process. Making the right choice when you choose a mortgage is equally important. Finding a suitable home finance option is an important step in the process of purchasing a home.

Home Finance- Making the Right Choice

There are various specifications that need to be taken into account. You need to identify home financing solutions that suit your budget, lifestyle and need.

  • Choosing your mortgage requires you to find out what it will do for your acquisition. You also need to consider how the features of different home loan options to determine which kind of mortgage will meet your requirements.
  • Home finance comparisons can be made online with effective tools such as online calculators that help you assess terms and interest rates.  An online calculator enables you to compare the cost of servicing a loan for the duration of the loan.
  • Consulting professionals such as financial advisors and mortgage brokers will help you determine how to finance your home according to your specified needs. Getting the right type of financing for your home is an important decision. Saving for the down payment, checking credit score and organizing your financial documents are among the important steps towards finding the best home loan.

How to Maximize on the Potential of Real Estate

When you are interested in investing in residential properties, research is necessary for making wise decisions. Purchasing a home can enable you to make an investment that will yield worthwhile returns. Begin by thinking about the kind of property you want to invest in. There are various properties ranging from apartments to condos and each type offer s various advantages that make them financially viable.

  • Real estate is popular for providing rent profits and capital appreciation over time. After making a decision regarding which type of real estate you want to invest in, location is your next consideration. Identify the top cities that are known for residential appreciation and general prosperity. Locations that exhibit consistent market growth are good options.
  • Researching on the property market in local residential areas will help you find out whether or not the area has the potential for continual growth. Keeping track of the market regularly is important if you are interested in a long-term investment. This gives you the information that you need to determine whether to buy or sell.
  • Residential projects can give you valuable insight when you are searching for property.
  • Return on investment enables you to determine how efficient your investments are by making comparisons and calculations. Among the factors that define favorable ROI is investment length. Good returns are typically generated with long-term investments.
  • You have the option of purchasing property as a short term investment for profit but long-term investments offer benefits such as tax exemptions and significant capital appreciation.

One of the recommended ways to invest in real estate affordably is ongoing construction projects. This is an effective way to find a profitable long-term investment. Real estate is the ideal way to have a diversified financial portfolio.


Isabella Rossellini is a writer and real estate enthusiast. She is also a poet whose work has been shared around the world. Her hobbies include visiting as many international destinations as she can on an annual basis. Learn more about Matunga residential projects here.

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Big Game Fishing Madeira – Released

Big Game Fishing Madeira

Having used their last website with great success for 6 years, the Madeira company ‘Big Game fishing Madeira‘ have launched their brand new website.

With an emphasis on video and photography the new CMS website is fully responsive and can be caught on any device.

Highly experienced skippers John Traynor and Chris Parkin offer 2 high-spec ‘Sports Fisher’ boats that are both fully equipped for Big Game Fishing and ensure safe and pleasurable trips.

Located in the Calheta Marina, customers have the chance to catch record breaking big game fish such as Big Eye Tuna in excess of 300 Lbs as well as Blue Marlin in excess of 1,000 Lbs.
You can also enjoy exciting sports fishing for White Marlin, Wahoo, Dorada (Mahi Mahi), Bonito, Albacore and fantastic bottom fishing / sea angling for a variety of fish including Red Snapper and Amberjacks. All equipment, lures, bait and refreshments are included.

Join John and Chris on the Xareu and Endeavour fishing boats for the experience of a lifetime.
Visit the new ‘Big Game Fishing Madeira’ website here.

Chris Szabo, Creative Director of Navega Bem reported “The BGFM website was developed using Joomla CMS and allows the sites owners to easily manage the website themselves without any external help. We also setup the Facebook page and will now focus on getting the best possible page ranking with the search engines. SEO is one of our major strengths and all 3 sports fishing sites that we have produced for Madeira are featured on page 1 of Google – at the top”.

To learn more about CMS websites that you can manage yourself visit Navega Bem – Web Design

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Madeira island hiking hotel Quinta Alegre

Quinta Alegre - Madeira

The Quinta Alegre is a small country side hiking Hotel right in the middle of the vineyards of the beautiful area of Estreito da Calheta with wonderful views over Calheta, Paul da Serra and especially the sparkling Atlantic ocean on the sunny south coast of Madeira island.

The Quinta Alegre was not only planned by hikers, it is run and staffed by avid walkers who are passionate about providing guests with an unforgettable experience discovering one of the best trekking destinations in the world.

The multilingual website has been created by Navega Bem Web Design with Joomla CMS and is mobile friendly, user friendly and manager friendly. All in all a very friendly site indeed 🙂

As with all sites developed by Navega Bem this project is receiving full SEO treatment to ensure the site is very well positioned in the search engines and easy to find.

Built in a typical “Quinta” Style in 2002 with 28 comfortable and fresh individual rooms, the Quinta Alegre has a nice and cosy bar with a fireplace and an outdoor pool with sea view surrounded by a beautiful and lush green garden.
The excellent location is such that you can begin your hiking adventure directly from the front door of the Quinta Alegre.

Want to hike in Madeira? Quinta Alegre is the Madeira island hiking hotel. Visit the new site here.

To learn more about attractive and user friendly websites that bring more traffic and more business – visit Navega Bem Web Design.

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Welcome to Atrio – An island on Madeira

Atrio Madeira

The Hotel Atrio is a unique 22 room family run hotel located in Estreito da Calheta, on the sunny south side of Madeira Island, just 45 minutes from the island’s capital city Funchal. The charming Hotel lies on the edge of a Eucalyptus forest, only 500m from the Levada Nova and near the Laurel forest which has been designated a natural world heritage site by Unesco.

Hotel Atrio has now launched its new website – after running its original website for 15 years. That is quite a feat!
The new site has once again been developed by Navega Bem Web Design.

Old Atrio Madeira website

Chris Szabo, Creative Director of Navega Bem explained “15 years ago we created the original website for Hotel Atrio. It was a simple static HTML website and served its purpose wonderfully. Such was its effectiveness that the hotel owners were quite happy to keep it running even though it was not mobile friendly.”

“Now that the hotel has been expanded with the addition of several new rooms the decision was made to create a new website and we are delighted to have been asked to take on the project. The site has been developed with Joomla CMS allowing it to be fully managed by the hotel without outside help.”

“This is a fully responsive solution that will allow Atrio Madeira to reach their clients on their smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. The site, available in three languages presents the hotel in a new and attractive manner.
An important step in developing this new website was the SEO work developed in the background, this allowed us to guarantee that our client would maintain their already excellent google ranking.”

Take a look at the new Atrio Madeira website here!

If you’re looking for a professional solution for your website contact us today.

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