Take a methodical approach in selecting the right web hosting service

Hosting services

For individuals it is very easy to appear on the web by using the avenues provided by the social media platforms.  You sign up with any or many social sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram and set out to build relationships and start socializing with others.  It is purely an amateur need that can be fulfilled with complete satisfaction. Business entities also have started using social media platforms, but their needs being different the social media does not serve their purpose of business in totality.

Why you need hosting

One thing that emerges from the above is that the social media is not ideally suited to meet the requirements of business. So, what should be the way to showcase your business like existence on the web? It is clear that you need some platform other than the social media to play host to you. There are people ready to play host to you and help you to display your web presence in the way you want for business needs. They have servers in their custody that are used to house websites of all kinds and they can accommodate you.  By availing the hosting services you get the platform for placing your website on the internet.

Determine your needs

Getting the platform is indeed your first requirement but what is more important is to select the right type of platform. There are different types of hosting services about which you should be aware. At the same time you should be very clear about your objectives about how you want to make use of your web entity.  Regardless of the objectives, there is one thing common among all website owners- the website should always be visible without any interruption.  Websites should be always up and running. Maximum visibility is what counts in web hosting. This is followed by the speed of accessing websites that matters a lot for business. Slow websites can spell doom for business.

Balance budget with business needs

Your needs are directly related to your budget.  Like in all other walks of business, in web hosting too, you get what you pay for. Therefore, it is critical to list your needs carefully so that it matches with your budget. The scale and size of business and the returns that you expect from your web presence determines the kind of web hosting service that is suitable for you. Some hosting options have been discussed here.

Hosting options

If speed of accessing website is not top on your agenda and you have very low budget then shared hosting is the only option. You are allotted a space on a server that is shared by many web owners. The utilities and support service are all shared and obviously it affects the speed and security aspects are not much satisfactory. Most expensive is dedicated hosting that allocates a server for you only like owning a house. In between, is the Virtual Private Server that is like a hotel suite that is all of your own.

Choose the option that serves the best interest for your business.

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Sanzie Home Health Care Services – Atlanta Georgia


Sanzie Healthcare Services, Inc. Home Care was founded in 2010 as a provider of private home health care to individuals who are not capable of functioning independently on their own. 

The Administrator is currently serving as a Licensed Professional Registered Nurse (Certified in Medical Surgical) with 12 years of nursing experience in the State of Georgia. She is also currently serving as an FDA (Food and Drug Administration) Consultant for the General Hospital and Personal Use Device Panel of the Medical Devices Advisory Committee. Our true mirror of excellence and dedication.

Sanzie Healthcare Services, Inc. Home Care is licensed by the State of Georgia Healthcare Facility Regulation (HFR), a division of the Department of Community Health (DCH). This Organization provides accountability for care, treatment and service provided by monitoring and evaluating performance outcomes and a continuous quality improvement program.

Sanzie Healthcare Services, Inc. have now launched their new website in collaboration with the Portuguese web development and digital marketing company Navega Bem.

The site which has been developed around the highly versatile Joomla CMS platform will allow Sanzie Healthcare staff to manage the site without a requirement for third party assistance or outsourcing. The site serves as a portal for staff with access to documentation as well as a highly informative source of information for families searching for home healthcare services for their loved ones.

Visit the new Sanzie Healthcare Services website here.

To learn more about versatile, responsive CMS websites that you can manage all by yourself visit Navega Bem Web Design:

learn more here

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Methods of Directing Social Media Campaigns to Boost SEO Initiatives

Social Media & SEO

The link between social media and SEO, although not much pronounced, can be used to further the cause of SEO efforts. It is a well accepted fact, and small business has to take its advantage to make its revenue grow. Since both social media and SEO strategies help to build organic traffic, it is worth to spend time on it to build an appealing identity that can boost business. It is interesting to note that there are certain similarities between the two platforms that can be used intelligently to boost SEO.

Strong brand presence and high quality contents are the mainstay of social media. Your SEO strategy is also developed along similar lines, and can therefore be helpful in extending your reach over the social media platforms. Taken together, social media has immense potential to improve your search rankings.  There are ways of making social media work in favor of SEO that can actually improve search rankings.  How it can be done effectively has been discussed in this post.

Create multiple opportunities of search listing

Social media is the ideal place to build your profile that projects the brand and extends its reach to the target audience. Care has to be taken to create the profile in a manner that highlights the brand with authority. This can be achieved by undertaking an emphatic reputation management campaign that holds aloft the brand. Targeted keywords have to be craftily built into the profile that takes forward the campaign in the right direction. Bank on selected social sites according to its ranking potential that have high domain authority to launch the reputation development and management campaign. This would open the doors for creating multiple opportunities for search listings. Aim for the maximum number of search listings. This would considerably increase the chances of your brand attracting the majority of traffic from the target audience.

Create awareness about local brands by using social media

Local searches have high impact on web traffic, and are on the radar of any SEO campaign. The distinct feature of local searches is that it revolves around brands. Taking this into consideration, social media strategies have to be devised to build brand awareness. People have to know your brand, and be convinced about its goodness. The brand awareness campaign on social media would evince interest in it that would be reflected in the SEO results. In order to make it happen, you should know how to make proper use of the social media platforms.

As the campaign is developed for local searches, the geographical context assumes a lot of importance.  If you want to hold an event and attract visitors to it, you have to target people who can make it to the venue.  In order to achieve the goal, you have to select the right geographical parameters. This can be done by using the service of geofilters on demand that is offered by Snapchat.

Social community platforms like Quora allow engaging in answering questions that are submitted on the platform. You can take the opportunity of expressing yourself by answering questions related to your field, and then link back to your website page. This creates the desired connection with your online digital marketing efforts under the umbrella of SEO.

Integrate social media content into the search results

Make best use of the latest developments that have happened with search engines like Google and Bing. Content from social media is now being incorporated in the search results. This move highlights how social media is gaining importance in improving the SEO initiatives. Take advantage of this development to improve the search rankings. In order to get maximum exposure, select campaigns that incorporate business reviews, images and videos as well as update of social status. It gives you the scope of availing the best of both worlds. By focusing on such social media campaigns that encourage business content, you stand to gain a lot in SEO rankings that result in betterment of business.

Augment your link building abilities with paid search

How important it is for websites to acquire external links needs no explanation. Acquiring links organically is also very important as Google only likes quality links. Since links are signs of authority for your website, you can use social media effectively for getting more quality links.  Indeed, you need to generate high quality content that attracts genuine traffic to websites.

Not stopping at it, move a step ahead and make use of paid social advertisements that also push you up in search rankings. For garnering quality links, the ads should target influencers like major publications and journalists who have the ability to sway the audience. The more and the better quality of links you can gather, the more it will be attracted by search engines. This initiative has proven to drive more traffic to websites, and it also generates more leads.

Direct link sources can improve indexing

Indexing by search engines is what actually drives search rankings.  The higher the indexing is, the better are the chances of getting good ranks in search results. Search engines also crawl the content of social media that encourages SEO links directly that is emanated from the content of your website pages.  Having direct links in the content increases the possibilities of indexing of the pages. This has a direct effect on the search results that are boosted by better traction.

There is no limit to the ways of using social media to improve SEO initiatives. However, it would also not be right to put all eggs in the same basket by depending only on social media strategies. While all other tactics of increasing traffic and obtaining better rankings have to be carried forward simultaneously, using the social media strategy to enhance SEO campaign should be an added strategy. Engaging existing customers and nurturing them to stay loyal should also be a major part of the social media strategy. Having both the elements in the strategy, you can expect the right returns from your marketing initiatives.

About the author – Edward Gilmore is an engineer who is in love with digital technology and online digital marketing. He is the front man of a SEO company and doubles up as writer on the subject he loves most.  He is a respected name in the online marketing world. Keeping track of the latest trends in marketing and sharing it with people is his passion.

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How Internet of Things Can Change your Business?

Internet of Things

With the advent of technology, the world is undergoing a huge digital transformation. Every aspect of human life is getting revolutionized due to digital means. The wave of digitalization has swept the business world as well. Numerous technological changes have taken place in the preceding years, be it the onset of cloud solutions or even big data.

One such increasingly growing sector is the Internet of Things (IoT). It is the latest technology that has created quite a buzz in the business world. It revolves around the concept of machine-to-machine communication, wherein machines have network connectivity. This allows the machines to send and receive data. Such a concept describes a world wherein physical infrastructure like PCs, desktops, and other hardware is interconnected and communicate with one another in an intelligent manner.

The possibilities of growth in this field are never-ending. Hence, businesses have tapped into this concept in order to explore its full potential. Following are six ways how IoT solutions can change your business.

  1. Business process monitoring

Smart products assist in the skillful monitoring of the core areas of businesses. For example, during the manufacturing process, sensors help track activities and record information. Once this data is obtained, it may then be further analyzed, allowing businesses to increase productivity and reduce costs. Besides the field of manufacturing, firms may also deploy this concept in different areas of business, like field operations, customer service, and others.

  1. Better customer engagement

Sensors in devices make hard metrics pertaining to customer engagement such as interaction rates, clicks, and likes available to marketers and advertisers. They may then use this information to create effective marketing campaigns and customize products according to the needs and wants of their consumers. Through such technology, firms may analyze consumer behavioral metrics that help them develop ways to constantly engage with their customers.

  1. Automated services

Businesses are now witnessing automation in every aspect of their functioning. Right from manufacturing to the marketing of goods; all functions are getting automated. For example, sensors provide tracking details on shipments out for delivery on a real-time basis. Such sensors are deployed on delivery packages and vehicles, thus providing real-time alerts about the location and estimated time of the delivery. These sensors also identify changes like temperature difference, weight change, theft, possible delivery delay, and other attributes.

  1. Manufacturing and usage of smarter products

Firms are now making smarter products using the concept of interconnectivity. Products like drones, wearable devices, self-service kiosks, and many others are catching the world’s attention. For example, you may integrate your smart phones or tablets with IP-connected devices, thus making your life simpler. You may even adjust the temperature of your air-conditioner with a single touch click on your smart phone. Fitness wristband makers have also incorporated such a concept which enables users to record their sleep duration, their physical activity, and set reminders about their daily fitness goals.

  1. Successful management of data

The amount of data and information available to firms is huge. It is important to collect, manage, and handle such a large volume of data efficiently so as to stay ahead of the competition. Sensors which have been deployed in IoT devices create data and then store the information in data repositories. Firms may then use this big data to solve existing problems and identify new opportunities.

  1. Changes in business model

The Internet of Things is also set out to change the business models that companies operate on. Most firms are now going digital and are doing away with traditional means. For example, fitness wristband makers are aggregating data about their users’ fitness activities and sharing it with their strategic partners. Such details are then used for marketing and other purposes.

It is important for every business to consider the implications of the concept of internetworking. It helps companies deploy smart devices so as to enhance their business by creating a greater economic value and facilitating growth and development.

As more and more processes get automated, the role of personnel and management change correspondingly. By adopting this concept of internetworking, businesses are adapting to the evolution of the latest technological devices.

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Getting married in Italy?

Getting married in Italy

Creating unforgettable, impeccably planned luxury destination weddings in Italy is our mission.  We are the premier wedding planning company in Italy, offering exclusive services arranged by expert wedding designers in Italy’s finest handpicked locations. Whether your wish is for a Civil, Protestant, Catholic, Jewish or Symbolic ceremony in Italy, we turn your dreams into reality!

If you are considering getting married in Italy, let us help you choose the perfect location, the venue of your dreams and the most dependable suppliers.

Weddings in Lake Como?

Highlights of Lake Como Weddings:

  • Exclusive, private villas for your civil wedding ceremony.
  • The incredible gardens and vistas of Villa Balbianello; recently filmed in Casino Royale.
  • Lakeside towns of Bellagio, Varenna, Tremezzo.
  • Amazing luxury hotels for honeymoons and wedding receptions.
  • A destination wedding in Lake Como is all about beauty, glamour and elegance.

Italian Wedding Ceremonies

There are many different possibilities for your Italian wedding ceremony. Whether civil, religious or symbolic, our experienced team is able to assist with all legalities and religious documentation reglardless of nationality.

A Civil wedding in Italy has very specific requirments which will vary depending on your nationality. In some cases all of the paperwork can be done via post, while with other nationalities there are some final steps to be completed in Italy. We will guide you each step of the way to make sure that all of the formalities are correctly handled.

To have a Catholic wedding in Italy you must complete all of the pre-cana paperwork and it is possible to also have a civil with Catholic Italian wedding.

Protestant ceremonies in Italy can either be a blessing only or also civilly binding – this depends on the region you choose to marry in.

We also handle Jewish wedding ceremonies – Orthodox or Reform and kosher receptions.

Symbolic weddings in Italy do not have any religious or civil requirements – this type of ceremony provides the greatest amount of freedom in terms of locations and format.

Should you already be married and desire to celebrate a Vow Renewal in Italy we will be able to assist with all arrangements from finding the location to providing the celebrant.

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FASP – Property & Investment Opportunities – Portugal


FASP is a new service from an experienced investment consultant who meets the requirements of those wishing to purchase a home or make solid investments in the Portuguese mainland and Madeira Island.

The proprietor of FASP has been enamoured with Portugal and Madeira for almost 30 years and is passionate sharing her enthusiasm about the beauty of the country and the opportunities available for home owners and business investors from abroad.

Portugal today offers fantastic opportunities not only concerning the very beneficial retirement packages and tax benefits that are available but also when it comes to turning your dream of having a home abroad into reality.

The new FASP website was launched at the nordic regions biggest exhibition for buying properties abroad in Stockholm on the 24th September, where FASP presented its own fair stand. The exhibitions are a market place for exhibitors from the whole world who want to get in contact with qualified buyers. (Köpa hus utomlands-International Property Exhibition)

The new site was unveiled with the collaboration of the Portuguese digital marketing company Navega Bem.

Visit FASP here to learn more about owning your own home and investing in Portugal and Madeira Island.

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Discover the Ways to Optimize Your Website for Bing Searches and Why It is Different from Google

Google - Bing

When it comes to search engine optimization most SEO experts focus only on Google, because it is world’s most popular search engine. However, if you run a multinational business and want to attract consumers from different parts of the globe with the help of SEO, then Bing optimization should not be overlooked. Bing occupies 33% market share in terms of desktop search and over the past 2 years it witnessed more than 4% growth in the USA. So, the question is how do you optimize your website for Bing? More importantly, what makes Bing optimization different from Google optimization? Let’s find out.

The quality of content matters: Doesn’t Google love unique content too? You are quite right, but Bing works differently while searching for content to reply users’ query. Google scans all websites, irrespective of their quality, and then displays the best websites for a specific keyword search. Basically, it offers number 1 rank to excellent resource and 100th rank to the worst resource. On the contrary, Bing identifies pages with low quality content and simply skips indexing such websites. So, it means if your website does not have informative and unique content, Bing won’t even bother to go through your web pages. Therefore, write grammatical error free, information rich content for your site to get noticed by Bing. Also you can take help of SEO NYC Company.

Authorship: Google launched authorship feature many years ago and it failed miserably. Hence, Google simply killed authorship as a ranking factor. Bing, on the other hand, gives high importance to authorship. They have a partnership with Klout and built their own authorship platform. It allows you to claim ownership of the content written or published by you. Even if third party websites post your content without mentioning your name in the quote, you can report the fraudulent activity to Bing and get the credit you deserve. The more content you have in your name across the web, the better your website will rank.

Flash content is scanned: Some people may consider that Flash is dead but photography and media related websites still rely on Flash as it offers unparallel animation effects. Google does not read Flash content, but Bing does. In fact, Bing gives credit to websites made using Flash. If your website has Flash content and you are not a fan of HTML5, then Bing SEO is ideal for you.

Geographical signals are measured: Bing gives more importance to the geographical location of a website than Google. The biggest competitor of Google tries to serve results that are appropriate for the end users’ query, considering the geographical factors. For example, if your e-commerce website URL is www.xyz.in and you don’t ship products outside India, then Bing will never display your website to an American customer. Bing measures the following geographical signals- server location, IP address, Meta geo tags, website URL and location of the backlinks.

Utilize social media: It is never clear how much importance Google puts on social media activities (like, share, +1, tweet, pin) while deciding the rank of a website. However, when you are optimizing for Bing search, social media websites play a vital role. Concentrate on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to share your website content. You must embed social share buttons on your website to help users share your articles or products with their friends in social networking websites.


Bing search optimization is as important as Google search optimization. The competition in the World Wide Web is very tough and you can’t afford to lose the opportunity to grab the attention of as many consumers as possible. Not everyone uses Google and thus, by making your website Bing SEO friendly you can witness a steady growth in CTR as well as revenue generation.

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